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Kymbadina 11-08-2011 01:38 AM

How do you lock your tack in a public tack room? boyfriends western headstall and hackamore went missing which we noticed when we saw his reins on the barn owners boyfriend is the only one with split brown cotton reins..called the barn owner to have him unlock the downstairs tack room so we could look for our stuff..that's when he said it was at his house. It was a "mistake" that someone used our stuff....riddle me how the reins were removed from headstall and attatched on another then left in the tack room and our headstall was at his house... yea.. exactly. Its my u derstanding he himself took them or had one of his grandkids just randomly grab something to ride his sale horse...NOT OKAY!!! I do not want my tack used on a sale horse that is on quarantine!
Here is my area... I thought it was pretty clear that its OUR stuff! the only difference is sometimes he hangs his headstall from his saddle horn but it gets in my way so I usually move it.
We noticed his saddle pad laying over his saddle... I don't know if that was me because I use his saddle and spare girth to work another boarders horse and their pad but I'm 99% sure I always put everything back tidy. So we organized everything, I rewrapped my lunge line and wrapped my bridles, he sit his saddle and headstall just so. If anyone uses our stuff we will know..
So I'm going to work with my dad to make a locking cabinet to keep my stuff in. I was just wondering how everyone here did it?
The tack room has a lock on it but 3 people use it(mine is the only stuff out. The barn owners stuff is on the opposite side of the room and the other 2 boarders have a smaller closet inside the room) but that room also holds the grain for all the upstairs horses :/ so its open often... we are having tags made with Gunnars name on everything we own... I want to remove any element of ignorance and be sure its not an accident my stuff is being used..
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Kymbadina 11-08-2011 01:39 AM

The Rubbermaid tote holds his grain, the chest has medical/expensive things and the buckets hold his am and pm grain.
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blue eyed pony 11-08-2011 05:12 AM

Couldn't invest in some portable saddle racks and take all your stuff home? I would never leave my gear in an area where I knew many people had access to it. I absolutely HATE my stuff being used by other people because it's invariably my nice gear and always gets wrecked... I would rather, if something is going to be damaged, that it's me and one of MY horses that's to blame!

Otherwise I guess your only option is to make or buy a nice big lockable box and pour concrete in the bottom so it can't be moved easily... or padlock it to something immovable, with a lock designed to prevent it being cut.

The only thing I would EVER leave easily accessible in a public area (boarders only tack room or otherwise) is halter/lead so my horse could be caught and handled easily in the event of an emergency. Preferably a halter and lead that look ratty but are still safe and strong. I use rope halters and my leads are tied on rather than clipped. I have written my name and my horses' names on both my leads.

If you absolutely cannot take your gear home or lock all of it up I would suggest nameplates for your saddle/s and halter/s and tags for your bridle/s and reins. You can get lightweight and strong little keyring tags that can be connected, via a small keyring, to basically any buckle, ring or loop on any bridle or rein (or pair of reins), and you can remove them for shows, but they remove any excuse for ignorance.

Otherwise go the way pleasure riders around here go and spraypaint/permanent marker your name onto EVERYTHING.

Far as I'm concerned your BO should not be using any of your gear or any other boarder's gear without prior consent. No person should be sent to get gear who does not know which gear is the BO's and which gear belongs to boarders. And if anything is lost or damaged because the BO has used it, then it should be replaced.

I had a BO tell me basically the same in reverse... I was welcome to use her facilities (did not board there - she is truly lovely though, one of the rare gems who will gladly lend out her arenas and jumps to anyone who wants to use them) but if I broke anything I was to pay to replace it. I wasn't to touch anybody else's horses and I wasn't to touch any gear that was not mine, or part of the arenas or jumps - and if I changed anything I was to put it back the way I found it when I left.

My mother borrows my gear sometimes and it drives me mad so I know how you feel! I have told her she is welcome to it as long as she leaves it how she found it, in the place where I left it and adjusted how I left it. The exception is my show gear, nobody except me is allowed to touch my good gear. I keep that at the house rather than in the shed where all my everyday stuff is.

QOS 11-08-2011 06:54 AM

At the barn on the outside washrack is a heavy duty plastic type cabinet with two doors that swing open. It has a place to put a lock. It is tall and slender. Inside is the barn owners grooming supplies - different brushes, hoof picks, scrapers, scrubbers, fly sprays, ointments, etc. We can all use the brushes, etc. and then put them back. This type of cabinet might do for you to put your bridles/tack/grooming supplies in. It wouldn't hold a saddle but it might be a fairly inexpensive solution to your problem.

Our tack room is not locked and we all have cabinets to put our stuff in. Some folks share a cabinet but as I have two horses boarded, I have a closet to myself with 3 shelves and hangers on the door. We are fortunate that no one really bothers anything, but we occasionally borrow/share stuff. I would be annoyed if someone took my tack and didn't return it or if someone I didn't know used it without my permission.

Iseul 11-08-2011 07:07 AM

Currently, I keep everything except a few things I don't need just hung up in the tack room and the saddle I'm fixing up up on a rack. I borrow the BO's saddle, pad, headstalls, and one pair of her reins for her horses that I'm riding, but otherwise I use the rest of my stuff. BO has finally unlocked her tack room and left it open for me and two other leasers because she knows she can trust us. And we have no problem with anyone stealing any of our things.
I'm willing to let anyone there borrow something of mine, because I know that they'll take care of it and put it right back. Telling me either before or after that they used it and put it back. I'm fine with that, and we all know that if we borrow something and it breaks, that we're going to go out and replace it with the same exact thing (or a newer version if old is unavailable).

As soon as I leave for college and have to leave everything there, it will be getting locked into a nice big box with a few padlocks on it. I'll leave my stuff out with people I know, but not with people I don't.
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Joe4d 11-08-2011 09:03 AM

I think I'd forget to pay the board "by mistake" tell him I had to buy new tack. send him an itemized payment, showing a credit for the value of the tack he stole,

Speed Racer 11-08-2011 09:12 AM

Lock everything up or take it home. When I was boarding, I never left anything out that I couldn't afford to lose.

It's a sad state of affairs that people 'borrow' others' things, but it happens all the time at boarding barns. What's unusual in your case is that it's your BO who does it, and not another boarder.

If you 'forget' to pay your board bill you can easily find yourself without a place for your horses to stay, so that type of advice only works if you're planning on moving your horses in the immediate future. Like tomorrow. :?

I also didn't see where the BO 'stole' the tack as it wasn't missing, just not where it was supposed to be. So again, unless you plan to get summarily thrown out of your barn without notice, that type of advice is hardly to your benefit.

kitten_Val 11-08-2011 09:20 AM

I hear you... My stuff disappeared (I did find it later on and just brought it back). And once someone got my saddle and put it on horse (I went MAD that time when I came and there was no saddle to ride). The only positive thing all those things were cheapey (saddle included), so I never really cared getting a box or something. I'd definitely lock my tack now (when it's on pricey side, well cared, and fitted to both horses differently).

Red Gate Farm 11-08-2011 09:26 AM

When we boarded, years ago, we used a large wooden crate that the refrigerator came in. So this was a big locker, held both saddles and all the tack we had. It closed with a swinging door and it LOCKED.

Joe4d 11-08-2011 09:31 AM

If you take something that isnt yours without permission that is stealing plain and simple. whether it is locked up or not. Id get a rubber made storage wall locker and lock it up, wont stop a determined thief but will discourage the casual thief that seems to think they arnt one.

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