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nicole25 11-08-2011 11:02 PM

Trot vs Canter
Lately I have been working on canter and jumping. For some reason I feel more confident when I canter then when I am trotting. I feel like my horse and I move together better as a team in a canter versus at a trot. He is balanced I am balanced, he has the right lead and carries himself properly. When we trot it just feels messy and just not put together. I am going to try to get a video to post here tomorrow. Hopefully that will help a little bit. I used to be scared to canter and now that is all that i want to do.

hmmm so confused I guess.

Duren 11-08-2011 11:05 PM

I would go back on work on your trot until you feel confident that it is just as good as any other gait. You dont want to skip any steps.

nicole25 11-08-2011 11:09 PM

ugh I know haha. I got my horse in May and have been working on just walk and trot until like 2 weeks ago. Up until then I cantered 4 times and jumped once. I just got so bored of trotting around.

Duren 11-09-2011 12:38 AM

I hear ya. Ive been riding for 20 years, and still my trainer insisted on "starting at the beginning" with my new mare....and honestly, I totally agree with the idea. I'm not saying you have to STOP cantering, but i would spend at least as much time, if not more, practicing a good trot.

And congratulations on getting over your fear of cantering!

nicole25 11-09-2011 12:44 AM

Thanks! I started riding as a kid, took lessons did horse camp etc. Rode for probably ten years. Got more into ice hockey and my social life I guess you could say went off to college. Rode in college, just graduated in May and then decided out of the blue one day I wanted to lease. Thats where I am now haha. He is an OTTB 17 years old. Starting from the beginning is never a bad thing with a new horse at all. It just gets I guess you could say boring or old? haha I like a challenge I guess. *Shuffles off to barn to go back to basics* sigh

Tayz 11-09-2011 12:53 AM

haha you feel better with cantering and I feel better when trotting. I always have trotted over jumps and then cantered down the side after lol. I got my own horse and been working on trotting should hopefuly work on cantering soon

nicole25 11-09-2011 12:56 AM

Its so weird!! I even feel more comfortable circling around in a canter before jumping too. I think my TB just loves to canter more too! What a problem we are.

Ammy 11-09-2011 06:57 PM

I know how that feels. THe pony in my picture took some getting used to because she had one of those fast, peppy trots. I often felt disorganized and "off" trotting on her because of how hurried her gait seemed. Once I got her to slow down her trot and collect herself a bit (I would do half halts in rhythm with her trot to slow her down and make small circles). Once she slowed down and we were on the same page, it was amazing. I haven't seen video so I'm not sure if that is the problem or not, but it wouldn't hurt to offer a suggestion :)

Also, Gypsy had an amazing little rocking horse canter. I didn't' like trotting on her bareback, but once we got past that to a canter... mmmm :)

Saskia 11-09-2011 07:12 PM

Canter is more fun, and it is definitely a much more superior gate for jumping. It can also be easier to ride once you know your horse.

Yet I wouldn't underestimate the value of trotting.

Work on everything.

thequarterhorseguy 11-09-2011 08:29 PM

While it may seem stupid you have to start from the basics. I work cattle with my horse. Hes a very stalky quarter horse and his trot is VERY rough. So i never really wanted to do it. But i found I wasnt comfortable with running or even a fast lope. But after i forced myself to trot I found myself Infinity more comfortable at any gait. Now i can run and feel totally comfortable with it.

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