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Sunny 11-09-2011 07:20 PM

Can leg markings develop over time?
This may sound stupid, but I am not well-versed in color genetics.

So, today something caught my eye on Sunny's left hind leg.

I have owned her for two years, and I have never, ever noticed this.

I have gone back through old pictures and can not see it, and it is not on her papers or any Coggins.

Is it possible that it is just now showing up? She is 3 1/2.

And it is definitely her hair. I scrubbed it for a long time because I was SURE that it was dust or something. :lol:

I just can't possibly believe that I have not noticed this in two years, nor that it hasn't shown up in pictures or hasn't been noticed by vets.

Also, this is likely completely irrelevant, but she also has little white hairs all over her body. In some spots there are clumps, but otherwise they are just speckled all over her body. It can't be from an ill-fitting saddle because she has only been under saddle for a month and she has had them since before then. And besides, they are all over her body.
Maybe fly bites?

I'll post pics in a second.

Thanks for any info! I am utterly confused.
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Sunny 11-09-2011 07:27 PM

Here are some photos of the white hairs. The second and third didn't turn out too well. :/

Her spine:

Her barrel:

Her rump(the "stripes" are dust marks, ignore those):
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Spyder 11-09-2011 07:42 PM

Could be sabino . They can show up late and in the form of sprinkled white hairs throughout the body.

Sunny 11-09-2011 07:43 PM


She is reg. Thoroughbred.
Would that make a difference?
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Spyder 11-09-2011 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by Sunny (Post 1228177)

She is reg. Thoroughbred.
Would that make a difference?
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Not really as the Sabino gene is not breed specific.

My own horse had no markings other than the normal ones. He has now one hind leg that is very very grey and has grey hairs all over his body. They developed after age 4.

In his case it is in his sire line. He is WB /anglo arab.

Poseidon 11-09-2011 07:50 PM

She's a red horse, which would explain the random white hairs throughout her body. That's very common on red horses.

The markings on her legs might be scars. Did she ever injure herself there?

Sunny 11-09-2011 07:52 PM

In that exact spot, no, although her back legs did get pretty banged up last month in an accident. Could bruising cause it, because she was definitely bruised in that area.

I swear, I just noticed it today. It's like it appeared over night!
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NdAppy 11-09-2011 07:54 PM

Ditto what Po said. Red horses are very prone to having sporadic white hairs throughout their coats. Any color can have/develop them, but it tends to show more often in reds.

I would think that the foot white markings are due to some sort of injury or trauma to that area. Whether it be a major wound or minor one. :-)

Sunny 11-09-2011 07:56 PM

I never knew that red heads were prone to that! How interesting!

It's still normal for them to have "clumps" of white hairs, like the one on her spine?

So, if it is due to trauma, will the white on her foot eventually go away or is it permanent?
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Cinnys Whinny 11-09-2011 07:58 PM

Interesting.... Cinny has been developing similar white fleckings but I just figured it had something to do with him being a Paint.

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