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WickedNag 11-10-2011 08:23 AM

Wyatt Pads
I just bought my first ever Wyatt Pad after talking to others and receiving great reviews. I LOVE it! I have the Ranch Pad lll in the barrel racing size. Now I am going to have to order my daughter one :)


gigem88 11-10-2011 10:19 AM

Never heard of those! What do you like about them? I love the dressage pad, but too pricey for my wallet:(

WickedNag 11-10-2011 10:22 AM

Fit like a glove, looks good and wicks away the moisture. Everything I want a pad to do :)

kevinshorses 11-10-2011 10:29 AM

I wonder if they can be ordered without the concho. That kind of makes it look cheap.

Saddlebag 11-10-2011 10:43 AM

What are they made of, synthetic felt (misnomer) wool felt? I couldn't find any info on that. If it's synthetic then it's very pricey.

WickedNag 11-10-2011 11:01 AM

Wool felt and I love the conchos... must be better quality than they appear.

Tianimalz 11-10-2011 11:03 AM

I've heard good things about them, but my pocket is waaaaaay too tight to pay that much for a new saddlepad, when my wooly one still works :lol:

gigem88 11-10-2011 11:16 AM

Thanks for the info, guess I better start pinching pennies!!

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