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Barney Vee 11-10-2011 12:04 PM

Have a bloodline question/ not for breeding
My mare's AQHA registered name is Barney Had A Dream.
She is a big 15.2H FB Grey.She has Impressev Joe Bailey in her line and is
also Neg/Neg HYPP. She is 10 and up untill I bought her used for schooling young children. SHe was very easy going. But there has always been something about her ,..just a feeling I have had about her. And now
she has been a little unpredictable lately and has even surprised the woman who exercises and trains her with her actions, tempermental in nature and unexpectedly explosive even when out of season.
I am hoping that you knowledgable folk might take a look at her bloodline in hopes that we might rule out any genetic predispositions in her.
She seemed to be a mare that had qualities that one might like to find in a nice riding horse. I bought her to ride 2.5 years ago, but she has dramatically changed.
My interst in obtaining info on this particular thread is not for breeding but for info on her lineage as it might apply to just the way she is. Hope that doesn't sound foolish.

bubba13 11-11-2011 12:06 AM

What you describe really does not sound like a genetic thing. It could, perhaps, be a physical thing. A veterinarian's work-up may help to test for hormone imbalances, etc.

smrobs 11-11-2011 01:24 AM

I second what Bubba said. I don't really see any names in her pedigree that pop out at me as having some horrible temperament, but I don't recognize all the names either.

I would have the vet check her out and see about hormonal imbalances or even see if she might be in pain somewhere. Then I would likely have a chiro out just to be on the safe side. Beyond that, I would start looking at training problems.

Barney Vee 11-11-2011 10:16 AM

Thanks for your input.
And yes, she is having a problem with food packing at the gumline.
SHe was in a horrible accident that took a quarter of her tongue, scarred her eye, etc long before I ownd her. And at just about a year from the time she is scheduled to have her teeth floated it is the worst.
My husband invented a horse water pick for her that we use intermittantly to get the stuff out when occassionally the hay might have a nasty stem in it.But now it is daily that we have to help her with this and she is scheduled for a float again.
She underwent training for 3 months to ready us for a group trail ride in some very capable hands and the trainer was astounded at what a sweet mare she truly is. She only needed lunging once thoughout the 3 months which was the first session following that, there was't any need for it. I rode her in a hack twice and then on to the eggbutt Doc Bristol. ABout two months into the training period I took her on a trailride with a friend and she was perfect. THe next time she went out, she started stretching her head, jigging and acting a bit out of sorts. I got off, readjusted the side buckles on her bridle and she was perfect. This is a horse that you need to give some heel to to get her to trot toward teh barn,...she has always been just that sweet kind of horse.
The next ride was the group trailride where she exploded at the trailhead and went nuts for 5 miles,..infact so much that I couldn't ride her, had another rider take over and we switched. Mind you, this is a horse that was safe for everyone and anyone and up till this point, was mostly ridden with leg cues.
Now, she acts a little depressed, and is constantly staring back down the pasture at mealtime which is out of character as well, and is quite anti-social. When my gelding finally herded her up the pasture for dinner last night, I noticed that one knee was dirty as in slobber. I had read that if they are having mouth discomfort they will often rub their head on the knee of the affected side of the mouth; left knee and left mouthside.
After all of this, is it possible that her actions could be from mouthpain alone? Dentist can't get to her till next week so we are trying to keep her comfortable with topical cloves and the use of her " water pick" and my husband's ability to reach in and clear that out for her.
If we are talking mouth pain, is there a bit that would be kinder than the Doc Bristol for her? After her actions, I do feel hesitant about using a hack on her but don't intend to try her out again till her mouth issue has been resolved.
Thanks again for your input.

Barney Vee 04-13-2012 01:18 PM

Looking back at this post now, it was her teeth all along!
She has been her old self ever since.
Haave to have the float done every 8 months.
She must have been in alot of pain, she has a soft mouth and is very light to the leg, normally very easy to ride.

ladytaurean515 04-13-2012 01:34 PM

Glad you found the problem and seems to be an easy fix.....I have an older gelding I have to keep on top of floating just about every 6-8 months as well....the rest of my horses do well every 10-12 month floating. some just need a little extra assistance.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 04-13-2012 01:39 PM

I had an old guy who started out needing floating every other year, then yearly then after he turned 20, every 6 months. As long as I was religious with the floating, there were no issues.

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