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Cruiser 11-12-2011 03:00 PM

Okay a few days ago I noticed the start of thrush, very mild, in Spice's feet. I started treating it and it started to go away better every day. I missed a day because it we had a tropical storm and the wind and rain were really bad. She lives out 24/7 with a shelter and a dry lot (most of it is mud), with all around her house is hogs fuel. But today I went to treat them and it was worst I don't mean a little either. How can it go from almost gone to that bad! She isn't lame, a little sore though on the frog and heel I think.

I don't think it is helped by the fact she pees a ton in her run in and than stands in it all day. I had bedding but I have to strip it all out every day because it is that bad.

She doesn't have a "dry" spot to let her feet dry out, no mats or concert, or cement pads. What can I do to sped this up or am I doing all I can? Do I treat it twice a day? Instead of once? What I am using is pretty much no name Thrush Buster so it doesn't have directions for horses.

Any help was good, even if it is to say I should have my farrier or vet again (my farrier was there when I noticed it, and got the name of the stuff from her). Thanks ahead of time

gothicangel69 11-12-2011 05:37 PM

Is it at all possible to get her into a dry area for a bit? That would help considerably. I'm treating my boy for thrush right now and I'm just using epson salt mixed with water, which is working great on him, but probably wouldn't work on something really bad.
You may have to get an antibiotic from the vet?

Cruiser 11-12-2011 06:03 PM

thanks for the reply, sadly everything is wet right now the storm dumped 50 plus millimeters over 2 inchs of rain, closer to 100 to 4 inches. So it is just starting to dry. I take her on our drive way to treat her feet but even that can have a inch of water on it.

If the aren't better in another week or at least improving I am considering calling the vet, or if she goes lame all of a sudden, at least to get their opinion.

caseymyhorserocks 11-12-2011 07:51 PM

I have been on he same boat on you. Last year, Casey's stall was a muddy mess, and her pastures were wet. She did get some mild thrush, but we dealt with it.

Obviously, you can't really put concrete or gravel over the mud, and mats can get sucked into the mud, and they would just kinda slosh around over the mud.
What I would do is to get at least 3\4 inch thick plywood.
Take a shovel and try to shovel out as much as the mud as you can. It is a back breaking job, but it is worth it for your horse!
Then, get some gravel, preferably the big chunky stuff for gravel roads, and put a couple inches of that over the ground you have been cleared.
Put the plywood over that.
Add LOTS of shavings, and each day check the plywood.
Make sure you desentize your pony to stepping on plywood, first put it on the ground somewhere and practice have her go on it.
Good luck ;-)

loosie 11-13-2011 06:42 PM

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Agree with others that she needs somewhere dry. I sympathise with you as this year in this neck has been almost constantly wet & so thrush abounds! I don't get why casey says you 'obviously' can't put gravel down - that may be your easiest option. *It does need to be rounded gravel, not sharp blue metal or such. If you also bed her shelter with at least a few inches of pea gravel, then the wee will just run through & leave her footing still dry.

Cruiser 11-13-2011 07:12 PM

I obviously can't put down gravel down because in 7 inches of mud plus 4 more is standing water, it is a waste of money to watch it sink. If it was dry it would be an option. Plus the cheapest stuff runs $200 plus a trunk load, quoted to need at least two for a small area it thats bad. I have hogs fuel (bark shreds) to keep her out of the worst. And a trunk of any type can't get within 200 feet of the paddock where I need it because it would sink.

It seems better today it is only in one hoof to any amount, sadly thought in that one hoof it is pretty tender, so we soaked it, scrubbed clean than put the anti fugal, anti microbial on it and in every crack.

I was able to get a half ton trunk load of sawdust, and dragged a sled full down at a time. Filling up her house so now it is pretty dry. After 10 inches of it. One thing I am happy about is most of the pen is fairly fast drying once we do get good days.

Thanks for all the ideas though, they are greatly appreciated, as it seems thrush will be an one going think for now, until we get it all straightened out.

loosie 11-13-2011 08:32 PM

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Originally Posted by Cruiser (Post 1232014)
I obviously can't put down gravel down because in 7 inches of mud plus 4 more is standing water, it is a waste of money to watch it sink. If it was dry it would be an option.

Wow, that's a lot of mud! It doesn't at all need to be dry for gravel to be useful - that was the point of my suggestion. But yes, sounds like you'd need a heck of a lot if the paddock's that much of a quagmire. I've put gravel down in the boggiest sections of my paddock in order to raise them above it all, but that's over 6" of mud, not 11". Might be worth considering for her shelter at least though, or using Casey's suggestion of ply first. Also, given different prices of gravel, I'd put down cheap blue metal or such first, with 2-3" of pea gravel or such on top.


And a trunk of any type can't get within 200 feet of the paddock where I need it because it would sink.
Gather you mean truck? Yup, that's my prob too. I put down the gravel in the dry, in preparation for the wet. So this all might be good to consider for when it dries out, to avoid the same prob next year.

raywonk 11-13-2011 09:05 PM

Penicillin works better than any other thing out there. Then duck tape up the foot. It will not stay on all day cause of the mud and wet but it will last long enuff for the penicillin to work.

Cruiser 11-14-2011 06:41 AM

Yes I meant truck I can't figure out why I can read and reread and still miss a ton of mistakes. Gravel might be an option never yes, if we can find a cheaper source. If it doesn't clear up, or gets worst in the next couple of day we're calling to vet to see what the recommend we give her, mostly because I am not one comfortable giving medication of any time with out a professional take on it.

Again thanks.

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