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Britt 11-12-2011 05:24 PM

Jaxxon's NOT a gelding! Help!
When my Quarterhorse Jaxxon was given to me (last summer), I was told he was a gelding. Both of his previous owners thought he was a gelding. It's on his Coggins papers that he's a gelding. His second owners had their vet check and their vet said he was a gelding. I even had my vet check and my vet said that he was a gelding.

I did have a few doubts, but I put them off to his personality… He mounted the mares (I put it off to him being a youngster). Dakota, even after being pasture mates with Jax for over a year now, hates his guts (I put it off to Dakota's anti-social personality). Jax was very protective of 'his mares' (I put it off to him being accepted into the herd). He 'lets it all hang out' a lot (I figured that was just one of his quirks)… and so on and so forth… I thought that maybe he was proud-cut or something… or would grow out of his 'quirks'. I had no real reason to think that he was a little stud… after all; two vets had checked him and put him in the clear.

I checked him just about every time I went out and saw him and my other horses. I dunno why I was so concerned… maybe in my subconscious I knew something was off. Every single time I checked/felt under there, he looked/felt just like a gelding.

I have ridden him with other mares and geldings alike. Besides being very competitive at times and pinning his ears a few times (but never acting on anything) he is just fine riding in groups and by himself (though if we ride alone, he calls for the other horses a bit).

I was working with him earlier, as I stated before, and was at a friends house (I had ridden him down there because I hadn't taken him for a ride in a while). At my friends, her future brother-in-law was looking Jaxxon over (the guy has horses and is willing to do a trade with me if I want to… he likes Jax a lot…), and looked under his stomach and… saw a plum.

Just. One. Plum.

I dunno what to do… Jaxxon is three and a half years old. Will the second fuzzy plum descend, or not? Is there even a chance? I do not have the money for a surgery to get him gelded… I don't know anything about horses with a retained testicle (is my terminology right?). Even if I got him gelded, would he still act stud-like during breeding season? Would he be safe pastured in a pasture with cattle, mares, and other geldings? I have younger cousins who like to come out and ride during the warmer months… would they be safe around him when they are catching their mares (he scared one of my cousins earlier this year by running towards her when she was trying to catch her grandpa's mare to ride)? Is there a chance that his personality may change, that he may get a bit more aggressive during the 'breeding season'? Could he maybe be infertile? How much would it probably cost to get him gelded like he is?

I need help! I'm going to do what is best for me, my family, and Jaxxon… If I can't afford the vet bill to geld him (which I probably can't anyway), then I will either sell him or trade him. I love Jaxxon to death, but I am not equipped to deal with a horse that may have studdish behaviors… even after gelding.

smrobs 11-12-2011 05:44 PM

If he has one decended testical, then he can breed a mare. What you really need to do is keep him separated from the other stock until you can save up enough money to get the deed done and have the vet check to see if the other is still up there. If it is, then you are looking at basically having a stud with all the attitudes and quirks but unable to breed...still dangerous though and should be isolated from mares and other geldings to prevent fighting.

Endiku 11-12-2011 05:44 PM

If he is gelded properly then he will most likely calm right down within two or three months, and you won't have any problems with him. There is a chance that he might be a bit more of a 'herd stallion' type gelding, but at three and a half I think he's probably be just fine.

It sounds to me like he's a cryptochid. It would most likely be anywhere from $300-600 to have him gelded, since one testicle has not dropped.

Although it doesn't sound too bad to just leave him, it's really a bad idea and if you cannot afford to geld him I would go ahead and sell or trade him as soon as possible (let the buyer know he's an uncut crypt. This changes a lot!). Cryptochid horses are generally considerably agressive, have extreme mood swings, and can be fertile. While the undropped testicle may not be painful for him, there is a large chance that he could develope cancer or tumors because of it.

I don't really see leaving him as being a safe, humane, or acceptable choice, so IMO you should sell or cut.

grayshell38 11-12-2011 05:55 PM

I would separate him immediately and have the vet out. He has one working testicle and was mounting mares. Time for all mares he has been with to get the shot. If you don't have the money for one gelding, I doubt you have the money to pay for several foals...

Britt 11-12-2011 06:26 PM

Thanks for the insight, guys.

I'm worrying myself silly over this... I am definately not equipped to deal with a stud/crypt... We don't have the facilities. I have already accepted that I'm going to do what is best for Jax and myself. If that does mean selling/trading for him, then so be it.

My friend still wants him, even if he is a crypt. He would get him gelded, at least,the descended testicle would get the 'cut' and the other one would go at a later date. I don't have the money to get him gelded at the moment. I am going to make a call to my vet Monday morning, though, just to see if he could give me an estimate on the cost and all.

So far, when I've been working with him, he hasn't been agressive. If anything, Jax is a complete sweetheart... though he has been fiercely protective undersaddle once this summer when we were riding with some of our mares and an unfamiliar gelding... nothing came of it, Jax just pinned his ears and acted odd whenever the other gelding came near us/the mares.

Wouldn't it be too late for the mares to get the shot? I only have one mare, and I'm not sure if she's even been bred by him... I don't think so, because she rarely lets him come near her without either her or my gelding chasing him away... (Jax is at the bottom of the herd order). He does hang around my uncle's 24-ish year old mare, his 4 year old mare, and my cousin's 12-ish year old mare... and I and my cousin's daughters hav seen him mount the 12 year old mare at least once back in about April, but we've never seen him mount the other mares...

Right now he's in the pasture with the other horses, but I will ask my other uncle if I can possibly put Jax in his pasture... though I would prolly have to put Dakota in with him to keep him from jumping the fence...

caseymyhorserocks 11-12-2011 07:02 PM

It sounds like you are doing the right thing. At least if your friend takes him, you can keep an eye on him, and you know he is going to a proper home. It is fine to put him with your other gelding for a bit, he knows him and gets along with him. I am a fan of putting relatively calm stallion's with another calm gelding to keep them company, so that they can have company, and live a little bit more naturally, of course they have to be introduced very carefully.

Britt 11-12-2011 07:24 PM

Well, actually Jax and Dakota don't get along... well, Dakota's doesn't like him, at any rate... I have seen him grazing near Jax, but for the most part, he chases Jax away... but Dakota is the only other male horse we own, and Jax is so herd oriented, that if I put him in the other pasture, I'm afraid he'd jump the fence unless he has another horse with him...

Even if they don't generally get along, would it be ok to pasture them together... if they have adequate room to run (it's about fifteen acres, I'd guess...)...?

Northern 11-12-2011 07:33 PM

Seems to me that your friend who wants him is a godsend!

Britt 11-12-2011 08:21 PM

Yes... I would be sure to get something signed stating that I could buy/get him back if he was ever sold again...

I just have to really think things over and all. I may wait a few weeks or so and see if he possibly does drop the other plum, but if he doesn't, then I will prolly trade him if I absolutely can't afford to geld him. I just hate to let him go, he's the first sorrel/red/chestnut colored quarterhorse I've ever really liked... he's one of the first quarterhorses i've ever liked...

Endiku 11-12-2011 09:01 PM

I would think that with 15 acres and you checking on them regularely, they would both be fine together.

As for waiting, I'd say give him about a month longer *tops,* and if he doesn't drop- it's fairly safe to say that he's a crypt. I'm just baffled by why it's taken so long for that first testicle to drop. Generally you can tell if a horse is a crypt by two and a half or so. Are you sure about his age?

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