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xdamarisandsx 11-12-2011 11:00 PM

What are my Hanoverian's bloodlines worth?
Just out of curiosity, how much do you think my two year old Hanoverians bloodlines are worth? :P

Sire-Dampezzo =
Don Frederico (Donnerhall x Cleopatra) x La Luna (Lauries Crusador x Wascona)

Dam- Why Not=
Wagner (Wenderkreis x Granada) x Geneva (Goodwill x Wodklark)

Thaanks. Hopefully that all turns out. If you would like, I can post further back in the lines aswell.

Spyder 11-12-2011 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by xdamarisandsx (Post 1231429)
Just out of curiosity, how much do you think my two year old Hanoverians bloodlines are worth? :P

Don Frederico Ninette


Welsh Pageant xx
Lauries Crusador xx
Square Note xx
St.Pr. La Luna Weltemeyer

Wagner Domgoettin

Why Not
Geneva Wodka

Thaanks. Hopefully that all turns out. :P

Some good names in there and many are from the "old lines" that most don't recognize too well.

I can't give you any evaluation as I need to know your horse's sire and dam as well as your horse's sire's sire and dam's sire.

Your horse's sire's dam and her sire would be nice as well as your horse's dam's dam and her sire.

I other words instead of just tossing out a bunch of names they need to be put in order to see how far back any of these names are.

DuffyDuck 11-14-2011 09:40 AM

Living in the home of the DE warmbloods, it depends entirely on what you want to use them for.
Mares still have to prove themselves, and will be establised as your general mare 'Hauptstutebuch' or 'Stadtstutebuch' or 'Silberpramiertestutebuch' in that order, not heard of anything higher than silver, but thats the order they go in. After that is established, anything over 7,5 is notable, but for crem da le crem you look for 9+.

For geldings, they have to prove themselves from age 3-3,5 up as sports horses. If they don't make the 'prufung' as a sports horse, you'll go for less than 6,000. Over that, and it depends on what level, but with those lines I wouldn't go over 6,000 as a 4yo broken in as you still get a lot of 'direkt' from Donnerhall, Donnerschlag, Fisherman's Friend, Weltmeyer, Cassini, Gotthard, Rubenstein to name just a few.

View 'Abstammung' for breeding lines

Hengstfohlen Hannoveraner Dressur Dressurnachwuchs W-Linie Wolkenstein Lauries Crusador xx

Auf dem Weg in eine erfolgreiche Zukunft 4yo mare broken in already

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