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Iseul 11-13-2011 09:59 AM

First lesson-From Western
Well, I'll be taking my first lesson on the 26th. It'll be my first English lesson, and my first ever lesson in general! I'm really excited, and I'll see if I want to ride both or stick to my lovely western saddles. :p
My cousin stopped taking lessons from my friend Drew since he's moved his horses home and doesn't have anything but trails and she went back to the barn she was originally taking lessons at. I was a little irked, because the girl that was originally giving her lessons did not teach her anything. She had her in a western saddle because she "wasn't ready for English" yet, and never did anything about my cousin's horribly busy hands (in a curb bit, direct reining) and her heels up with her feet back in the middle of the horse's barrel. But, that girl has moved onto college and it's her sister giving my cousin lessons now. She took one lesson with her and she's been moved to an English saddle, she's still keeping her heels down (she learned with drew), but I'm not sure how her hands are anymore. But, according to my cousin she actually teaches and doesn't just tell you to change gaits and to post or not.
So, I asked my cousin to see if she could give me an English lesson to see if I wanted to do it along with western. I'll only be doing western for the next two and a half years, but I'd like to know if I would want to expand to English and not just western. I have a lesson scheduled for the 26th on one of this girl's horses. We're suppose to jump if I'm riding good enough English, but I think I should have a decent enough seat and such because I'm fine jumping bareback.

But, my point of this post-any tips? Lol
I've been riding western for the past 5-6 years, gaming for the past 2-3, and bareback sporadically during the past 2-3 years. I'm going to ride Lucky bareback everytime I see her before I work her with a saddle to try and get my bareback balance back (and work on her bucking during the there anything I should be aware of before I get to the lesson?
Thanks in advance for any tips or comments.(:
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Cinnys Whinny 11-13-2011 10:07 AM

really pay attention to your balance and center of gravity. I started out western and gaming and the such too. The first time I rode English, I fell off the second the horse started to trot! I thought I was a really great rider until then, rode bareback all the time, it was just so different. And wear your helmet.
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