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crackrider 06-19-2008 06:53 AM

CrackRider's Endurance Training II
Hi all!
Some of you will realise that I've already started a journal here but that is geeting a bit long and old so I thought I'd starta new one. If you haven't read my first blog go ahead and have a look it will give you a bit of background info.
I haven't posted in a journal for ages becuase of a few things one of these being the EI here in australia last year that put a delay on things this year. another reason is that I haven't had a horse to ride as the horses i'm given to train by my trainer keep getting sold!! :(

Now I finally have a horse to train so i'll start posting here again.
the horse i'm riding is a 9yo grey arab gelding named Nadeem (we call him Demi). Demi has spent most of his life as a stallion but his owner discovered he was firing blanks and gelded him a while ago (took them long enough!) :)
I went to Renae's, ( a trainer that trains for my trainer . . .i know confusing) were Demi is currently being kept, to ride him today.
i'm so glad to be back on a horse!! :D
Demi was pretty good on our short ride out although he did decide to lunge at Albaraq (the horse Renae was riding) and try to take a chuck out of him. :evil:
He suprised me the but after that I kept an I on him and stopped him when I 'felt' him start to but before he could try something else.
Then when we turned for home he decided to go from being pretty calm to goey and jig joggy which he did all the way home. :roll:
He hasn't done much in his life so he is a bit green with some things but he has competed a 40km endurance ride about 3 or 4 weeks ago and he'll be doing another 40km or maybe an 80km ride (depending on his fitness) in a month or so.

I'll keep you posted :D

Oh and here's a picture of him from the 40km ride a few weeks ago (it's not me on him but one of the young girls that ride for the saem trainer as me).

And this is a picture of Albaraq.

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