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Beauseant 11-14-2011 09:54 PM

Is this legal?
We have an OTTB....I can get videos of his races on Equibase for a small fee...

and i wanted to make a video compilation of some of his races with clips of races of some of his famous relatives like his grandsire Danzig and use OneTrueMedia and put it on Youtube.

Can I legally do this?

How do i find out if i can do this?

kait18 11-15-2011 08:27 AM

as long as there not copyrighted you can use them i think.. but no sure i didn't really pay attention in my law class lol

ladybugsgirl 11-15-2011 01:08 PM

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SarahAnn 12-10-2011 10:01 PM


Originally Posted by ladybugsgirl (Post 1234153)
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:clap: Thanks for the info... :thumbsup:

palominolover 12-10-2011 10:02 PM

Hmm. Yeah make sure they are not copyrighted =/ In all honest I'd be a little leery of doing it even if they weren't copyrighted.

Cinnys Whinny 12-10-2011 10:04 PM

I think it's really borderline and it depends on the videographer's rights as well. Sometimes they will give you permission but as you have to pay to see them online, I'm sure they are copywrited materials.

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