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brookbyherbs 11-15-2011 10:42 PM

Relief for Moody Mares and PMS Type Symptoms
Have you ever wondered what nature has in its medicine chest for moody mares? Often when we look at our mares that present with “mareish” behaviour we don’t immediately relate it to the human symptoms of pre-menstrual tension, but in fact it is very similar.

Just like humans, mares can suffer from hormonal issues which can cause very unpleasant behaviour. In fact it can be quite dangerous if not well managed. Squealing, biting, kicking and general moodiness on a cyclic basis is a possible sign that your mare is suffering from hormonal issues.

Again just like people the symptoms can be quite painful and cause your moody mare to be quite upset. PMS affects an estimated 30-50 per cent of women in their childbearing years and who knows how many of our horses. The symptoms appear approximately two weeks before the menstrual period begins but luckily nature has provided some wonderful herbs designed to help regulate the hormones and can help reduce a lot of the pain and anxiety associated with this condition.

Chaste Tree is an herb that has been well studied and research has found it to be very effective in the treatment of hormonal issues. Although it is still unclear what exactly causes the hormonal issues, fluctuations seem to be what causes the unpleasant symptoms. It is therefore thought that by regulating the hormones you can help relieve the symptoms.

It has been shown that by taking Chaste tree over a period of months you can help regulate the hormones in your mare and help ease the nasty cramps and irritable moodiness. Chaste tree is said to imitate estrogens and progesterone because of its phyto-hormonal actions and a German study found chaste tree to be more effective than Vitamin B6 for PMS .

Other herbs that can be really useful for aggressive hormonal mares are Chamomile and Vervain which are relaxing herbs that will ease away stomach cramps that are making your horse oversensitive to the touch. Chamomile will soothe the nerves and help with general discomfort. All these herbs can be fed in a dried form or you can find them in a more concentrated liquid form.

Chamomile is a safe, gentle and effective digestive tonic plus a mild sedative, which eases griping pains. Traditionally used to calm tension and stress. It is also said to be an effective painkiller and anti-inflammatory for arthritis, rheumatism and general aches and pains. Chamomile contains potassium for general healing.

Chamomile is one of the most highly researched herbs and probably the first herb to reach for in the case of mild stomach upsets caused by nervousness or hyperactivity. Chamomile serves to ease any nervous spasms in the digestive tract and helps to expel gas and improve digestion.

Be patient when using herbs to treat your horses. It is not a quick fix but an effective, natural fix. Allow a good few months to see a difference in your mare. Also know that you are utilising the power of Mother Nature when feeding herbs to your horses, without the side effects of synthetic medicines. Bring tranquillity to your mare today with wonderful healing herbs.

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