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ChingazMyBoy 11-16-2011 08:04 PM

Why I've Been Absent Recently.
Some of you may have noticed that I've not posted over the past couple of weeks. Don't worry, I haven't died. Firstly, I've been sitting exams for school - I finished my last one yesterday, so I'm pretty happy about this and I know that school won't be too hard for the rest of the year.

But - not that long ago, Chinga had an issue. We can honestly not tell you what happened, but I arrived in the afternoon after exams to find his cut all down his side, cuts on his neck, two large gashes on either side of his rump and cuts down the back of his legs. Thankfully - after cleaning them up they were all not has bad as they originally looked. I spoke to my vet and she said all I could do was keep them clean and sprayed with an antibiotic spray. Also, to bandage the ones that needed bandaging. This was not what I needed mid-exam block.

I was very glad that it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but we actually have no idea how his managed to do this - unless he has tried to roll under a fence or something. There are no fences down anywhere, no wire or trees fallen. Nothing. Either way, to be safe we moved him out into another paddock. Now his heeled enough to ride and compete on this weekend. I wouldn't be competing him if I though it could negatively affect him at all. :)

Which, is another reason why I haven't been online much - this weekend I have one of my biggest comps. I'll be competing twice at a Hunter Trails event in a low class and then one a bit higher, so wish us luck!! I will try to get photos, but it will be very hectic trying to get to all my rounds on time let alone bringing a camera along.

csimkunas6 11-16-2011 08:10 PM

Wow!!! Scary!!! Rodeo had something similar happen, went out to the barn, and half his ear was scraped. No hair, and some of the skin was gone....looked almost like a rug burn or something. Funny thing is though, it didnt look too recent, but didnt look too old. Vet was out earlier that day, so dont understand how they could of missed it.

Good Luck at your show!!!! Look forward to seeing some pics, Im sure you guys will do great!! :D

Iseul 11-16-2011 08:25 PM

Wow, kudos to you for getting through the rest of your exams! I'd freak if something mysterious happened to any of the horses at the barn, let alone the ones I ride.

And csimkunas6, the same exact thing happened to an OTTB at our barn! She skinned her whole ear and no one had a clue what happened when she was brought in with blood covering half her face/neck. When the BO went down to clean the water tub in the pasture she was in, she figured out what happened when she found the mare's ear remains on the ground with blood a little ways up from the water tub. She must've tripped and fallen, scraping her ear on the ground. How a horse does that without injury to any other part of her face/body I do not know, but we all agreed that's what had happened. She had lots of silver-cote (what we call it, not sure the actual name lol), a fly bonnet (none of the umpti-nine flymasks with ears witting around fit) and was tossed in the round pen for "stall rest" (stalls too small because she stocks up and/or is a crazy beast when she's led out) for a few weeks.
I'm glad Lucky's never showed up with anything but small enemas/edemas (not sure which it memory is lost atm lol) from getting kicked in the field. I'd be devastated, I was worried when she first came up with one of those the day of a show, haha.
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SarahAnn 11-16-2011 09:05 PM

Enema is something that goes into the rectum. I don't think that's what you meant... Edema is swelling and fluid under the skin, and is frequently a sign of congestive heart failure.
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MHFoundation Quarters 11-16-2011 09:15 PM

Glad you got through exam's and that Chinga is okay!

Good luck at your show!

tinyliny 11-16-2011 09:33 PM

Ok, everyone, we can restart the forum, Chingaz is back!

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