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BarrelWannabe 11-16-2011 09:20 PM

Feeling guilty about not saving for a horse
Well, here is the whole thing in a nut-shell:
A few weeks back, I was involved in a car accident. Left without a vehicle, I couldn't care or manage the upkeep of my horse while trying to save for another one.
I decided that what was best for both him and I, was to sell him to someone who could give him the care that he needed.

I am planning on getting another horse in the near future. Providing my financial and vehicle situation are in better shape. I am also waiting until hay prices are a bit better(I'm in central oklahoma).

My dilemma is, I feel guilty about spending money on anything that wouldn't go toward a horse.

Should I feel guilty? Or just spend a little money every now and then?

By spending money I mean buying trivial things, like purses, clothes, etc.

tinyliny 11-16-2011 09:37 PM

If you are not really wanting a horse right now, it's totally ok. let some time pass and wait and see. What I might suggest is that you start some kind of modest saving's plan. If you want to spend some money now, 'cause for once you dont' have a horse to consume it all, do so. Have a bit of fun. But ALWAYS put ten percent of every dollar you earn into savings, without fail. If you can do more, great. But ten percent, even if you get 5 dollars for a birthday gift, you put .50 away. Never fail this and in time, you will have money. More if like, but never less.

It's easy to remember and fairly easy to be conisistant about, so can end up being really successful without feeling overly constraining.

Cowgirls Boots 11-16-2011 09:37 PM

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Honestly you shouldn't feel guilty. Sh*t happens and it was an unfortunate situation but don't feel guilty as I partially know what your going through. (I'm 17, the horse was a gift from my boyfriend and I pay everything for him including all of his vet bills, teeth floatings, blankets,etc. the only thing I get help with is board) don't worry! I don't have money to spend outside of my horse at all so do not feel guilty. It will all fall bck into place again and you will get another horse:D

bubba13 11-16-2011 10:49 PM

Didn't you say that you will have to sell whatever horse you get very soon anyway, due to school or something?

BarrelWannabe 11-16-2011 11:48 PM

Nope. I might be joining the military so that would affect the whole horse thing.

Let me go refresh my memory. I don't THINK I did but I might have.
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BarrelWannabe 11-16-2011 11:50 PM

And by near future, I mean next summer. Haha.
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bubba13 11-16-2011 11:53 PM

BarrelWannabe 11-17-2011 12:00 AM

Ohhhhhh!! I have a horrible time remembering things.

I meant that in a future tense toward me going to college for my higher degrees. I had planned on owning a horse through the lower levels of college because I had planned on taking some of the equine science classes that my local CC offers.
I just hadn't expected to have to sell my horse before that.

Sorry if I sound kind of flakey or wishy-washy.
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sandy2u1 11-17-2011 12:23 AM

It sounds like from your posts that you are not in a situation to keep a horse long term anyway. If that is the case, then why try and buy one at all right now. If you want to be around horses, then lease or take lessons.

As far as you feeling guilty about saving money for something you want, well, you shouldn't. When you find something you want badly enough, then it will be worth it to you to pass on the things that you don't need. You will make whatever it is at the top of your priority list. The fact that you will spend money on a purse (or whatever) even though it means it will take that much longer to purchase a horse tells me that you aren't really committed to it.

You are young and there is plenty of time for horse ownership after college or whatever it is that you want to do.

BarrelWannabe 11-17-2011 11:39 AM

Thanks for saying I'm not committed to having a horse.
I feel guilty about buying thing but I don't blow my WHOLE paycheck on things.
If I buy a $20 purse, its just as bad as buying gas. Other than that, I pack everything that I make into a savings account.

Do you know for sure that I'm not set up to own a horse long term? No, you don't. My financial situation is out of wack because I'm working on buying a new vehicle. That's why I sold my horse to begin with. If I still had a vehicle, I'd have my horse.

At least you put it in perspective that i shouldn't feel guilty about spending a LITTLE bit of what earn on some small items. I thank you for that.

But by far, don't assume I'm not committed or driven enough to have a horse. If I lacked that, I wouldn't have gotten into horses at all.
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