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Endiku 11-19-2011 06:04 PM

Thoroughbred 'rescues.' Tell me what you see. (long)
Racing season is coming to a close and hundreds, if not thousands are in need of new starts. Trainers are clearing their barns of unneeded and slow horses, and are desperately trying to find homes for them. If homes aren't found, the animals will be sent to slaughter.Living in the Houston area, our farm decided that we'd try to help a few of these guys, and paired up with a local OTTB rescue. We offered to hold four different OTTBs until they could be rehomed, and they came in today.

What we didn't know about the horses we were being brought though, was that only two of them were fresh OTTBs. The other two were OTTB broodmares...will foals. So, we now have six horses, instead of four.

I have to say. They're bad looking. Three of the four adults are in really rough shape, with cracked, long hooves, bite marks, and literally no fat on them. After a quick once-over; two were given a body condition score of two, one got a three, and the other is a four. We'll have their feet trimmed this week, and they were all vaccinated. They'll be quarentined for the entirety of their stay with us.

The BO has decided that he is willing to adopt one, possibly two of these guys, and we will train them for our own use as lesson horses, since we will be having to retire one of our mares soon. So, I want you guys to tell me what you think. I took loads of pictures, but not many of them are good for critique, since the foals haven't had handling at all, and the others haven't had human contact in quite a while. They all come from the same breeder/trainer, who had a small 'backyard' racing business. She went bankrupt, and wasn't able to feed or care for the animals, and so they were taken. I'll list as much as I can about each of them, and I'd like you guys to tell me what you think of there build (as much as you can see. I know the pictures arent good), and anything else that comes to mind.

Oh, I also need name ideas!

OTTB #1 - bay mare. 5 years old. abcess caused by infection on face. Body score of 4. Guestimated 16.1-16.3hh. Extremely curiouse, appears to be very intelligent and alert. She was having fun knocking over a big blue barrel and putting it back up when I first went out. Seems to be built pretty solid, Off the track for less than two months.

OTTB #2 - brown gelding. 4 years old. Pretty scrubby looking, appears to be on the lower end of the pecking order, judging by the scars and scabs on his face/back. Seemed really detatched at first, but warmed up to me fairly quickly. Seems laid back, but a bit timid. Body score of three. Fairly short, maybe 14.3-15 hh

cracked hooves

Broodmare #1) Body score of two. Estimated 10-12 years old. Was the first to approach me, seems very bold and sweet. Had no problem with me messing with her colt. Doesn't appear to have very good conformation, but this may be due to how thin she is. Will hopefully gain weight once her foal is weaned; we may be weaning him early if she doesn't improve. 15.2-15.3hh

Endiku 11-19-2011 06:11 PM

Suckling #1) Chestnut colt. Approx 3 months old. Looks like he's going to be a big boy, judging by his size. 13-13.2hh. Very rambunctious and friendly, but seems strong willed. Belongs to broodmare #1; will most likely be weaned early since he's already eating hay. Body score of 3.
Broodmare #2) Bodyscore on lower end of 2, emanciated. Has a very young foal on the ground. In worst condition of the six, is so far very aloof. Not skittish, just not interested in us. Seems to be a faded black. 15.1-15.2hh. 10-11 years old. Supposively very green broke. Stocked up back legs.

Suckling #2) Can't be more than a month old. Filly, bay or brown. Very timid, most likely little human contact. Seems curiouse, though. Will allow you to approach but not touch her. Seems weak, due to lack of nutrition. Very petite little thing, but good long legs

hisangelonly 11-19-2011 06:58 PM

if that is considered a body score of 2, then you should have seen some of the horses i have taken in. I took in an ottb. Turns out hes the son of Unbridled. he was sold as a yearling for $350,000. well, when we got him, he could barely stand up. :(. Some girl kept him in a stall and starved him. After a few months on thrive and lots of baths, he is beautiful, being ridden and started jumping, and ready to find a forever home. he is 9 years old. i have tried teaching him to keep his head down. no tie down. he has no injuries. he does not buck rear or bolt. his name is Calculation. my parents are selling him for $1200. he rides pretty good

Endiku 11-19-2011 07:28 PM

I'm merely going by what the vets say, but the pictures really don't do the second broodmare justice. Her coat is dull and falling out in clumps, and I am able to see all of her ribs as well as the vertibrae's of her spine. I realize that she is not the worst there is, but she is one of the worse off that we've taken in- seeing that we are a working facility, not a rescue.

Not sure why I'm pretty much getting an Ad for your horse though? xP as you can see, we're full up!

tinyliny 11-19-2011 07:35 PM

Wow, those horses look like they will really blossom with your care. I know very little about body scores and feeding up emaciated horses, so not comment there. It that rain rot on the haunches of several of them?

hisangelonly 11-19-2011 07:40 PM

not an ad. just telling a rescue story. :). they will all be beautiful horses once healthy. Calci was so malnourished that his winter coat didnt fall out until june! not meaning to sound rude or anything i meant it in more of a funny tone...:)

Cat 11-19-2011 07:43 PM

I'm glad your barn was able to take these guys in. I really can't give much on conformation on them based off the pictures, but I do think the body score estimates are low. I don't think you have anyone below a 3 there.

Good luck on finding them homes and those foals sure are cute!

hisangelonly 11-19-2011 07:48 PM

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about a week or two after we got him

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Endiku 11-19-2011 07:52 PM

Tinylily; On the filly and the gelding, it sure is! I suceeded in pulling a few of the scabs off of the gelding, but the filly would have nothing to do with it ;P they're all infested with bot fly eggs as well, poor guys. I think we're going to try and bathe the gelding tomorrow, if it's warm enough, to try and soak some of it.

HisAngelOnly- I'm just glad to see that these guys actually have winter coats...sorta xD even if it is dull and nasty. Its great that you helped that horse; it's really great to see what can be done with these guys.

Either of you have a preference for one of them? I really like the first mare, although I'm thinking she might be a little much for the lesson program kids. I like something about the gelding too, though. His forelock makes me giggle though. I don't know why someone would cut it straight across like that; or leave it so long if they were.

Endiku 11-19-2011 08:02 PM

Cat- sorry, didn't see your post! I agree that the vet was probably off on his scoring. I'm not familiar with him, as he's the rescue's vet (they're paying farrier and vaccinations, etc, and so use their own vet) so I suppose I shouldn't trust him completely. I'd like for the two mares to gain a good 75-100 pounds though, and the gelding could use a little, but they all really need muscle. Especially the first broodmare. Poor gal looks horrid!

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