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Wallaby 11-21-2011 08:12 PM

Buckling or tying a western cinch...
I don't ride western anymore so this is purely for the sake of interest and research, just saying.

I keep seeing people saying that just buckling a western cinch is SOOOO much better than tying and since I was always taught that you must tie the cinch or it could be dangerous, I'm just a little confused.

I've never had the latigo knot be large enough that my leg was bothered and I'm never had a latigo loosen when it was just tied but I have had a buckled latigo come unbuckled... Back when I was riding western, I regularly tightened the cinch from the saddle by just tugging on one corner of the latigo knot. I suppose if you tie the knot on the cinch side of the latigo area, all bets are off but I was always taught to tie it on the saddle side...

I was always taught that tying the cinch was the only way to be sure that the saddle was on securely and that if you just buckle it, the buckles could easily come undone (and the time that the buckle did come undone cemented that in my brain).

So I guess I'm just interested in your reasoning either way, tying vs buckling. :D

bubba13 11-21-2011 08:23 PM

We sort of just had this conversation here:

I've saddled and ridden literally thousands of times with Western rigging and a buckled cinch. I've had a Blevins buckle blow out from under me and my stirrup fall to the ground, but I've never once had the cinch come undone. If you've got quality tack and you "lock and load" properly, there is no reason for the buckle to loosen.

Interestingly, I've noted, practically without fail, all the backyard redneck hicks around here tie their cinches, and all the serious professional horsemen buckle.

NorthernMama 11-21-2011 08:47 PM

I prefer tying as it allows more leniency in the tightening of the cinch. If it's a buckle, it's either in this hole, or in the one above, or the one below. 90% of the time, it hardly seems to matter, but I've had days where one seems too loose and the other seems to tight. Can't explain it, but it's so.

I also double loop my cinch to help prevent loosening of the know. It makes it more difficult to tighten from the saddle, but I'd sooner dismount and adjust the cinch anyway.

bsms 11-21-2011 09:01 PM

I've had one pop off the buckle using a Weaver cinch on a Circle Y saddle. Just once, and it didn't matter since my gelding's withers are tall and long...the saddle just stayed there. But he seemed worried about something, so I dismounted and checked. I prefer a nylon latigo, so maybe it was slippery enough to slide off.

I suspect tying makes more sense, but I still use the buckle. I sometimes do both, but about 80% buckle.

Duren 11-21-2011 09:07 PM

I use nylon and I tie...I've always tied and I've never once had a problem. The buckle doesnt seem as secure to me.

BornToRun 11-21-2011 09:08 PM

I tie seeing as how my latigo has no holes in it :$

Cacowgirl 11-21-2011 09:18 PM

I've usually tied, but I got another saddle a few years back & I don't like the rigging-I tried to have it changed to just the one plain circle, but that was too expensive, so I bypassed my problem by using a tack-a-berry, which is a kind of buckle, & that is working for me.

karliejaye 11-21-2011 09:20 PM

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I've just switched to western after 20 some years riding polo and 3 day eventing.
I HATE how far apart the holes are on the western rigging especially compared to on english billets, so I tie with a latigo on both sides. It seems much more adjustable and hasn't given me any issues yet. I go around twice, and use a cinch that has two roller slots (I don't really know how to explain it) so I have been able to tighten and retie from the saddle.

Amber and Mac 11-21-2011 09:30 PM

I was taught to tie it. I buckle it on some occasions but usually end up tying it anyways because I feel so unsecure when it's just buckled. Also, I feel that when I buckle it, It's either too tight or too loose. I want the most comfortable but secure tightness for my horse. Personal preference is what I think it is ;p Depends on what horse and the rider.

Poseidon 11-21-2011 09:34 PM

I was taught to tie and I've never really tried buckling it. I have a nylon latigo that doesn't have holes down far enough to just try it without burning a new one in it, so I probably won't be anytime soon.

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