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BarrelAddict 11-21-2011 11:19 PM

Healing leg, what to do
I have been working with this horse for a month or so now, and I just got him yesterday, (he belonged to someone else for that time as I was trying him out) anyways, around a month or so ago he went through the window in the arena with his front legs (plastic!) and caught his one leg on the tin/metal wall coming back through. Long story short his leg got all cut up. The cuts going down the leg (from knee to fetlock) are all scabbed up, dark thick scabs, and look like their doing well. The cuts below the fetlock to the hoof is more like one large scrape and it is white? Its not like a thick scab, its white in color and the back of the leg is all dirty, with some dirt "ball" like things stuck to it, iv been able to brush some of them off. I'm not sure if this white stuff is normal? Its soft and like a covering, or maybe just skin? I'm not real sure! My quesstion is, should I just leave all this alone or should I get some warm water and a sponge and try clean off all the mud/dirt on the back of his leg? Should I be putting anything on this or just let it do its job? I can post pictures hopefully Wednesday if anyone wants.

bubba13 11-21-2011 11:28 PM

Sounds like proud flesh, and sounds like it needs a veterinarian's attention.

BarrelAddict 11-22-2011 12:05 AM

I don't think its proud flesh, its not like that at all. All the photos of proud flesh I've seen are open, moist, sort of protruding and look nasty. This looks like its healing, just looks like "a pale person with really dry skin" The place where it is is dry and looks just like dry skin, but its white, I haven't seen it white before, it doesn't look infected, just soemthing I haven't seen, wish I had pictures! Its so hard to explain!

FlyGap 11-22-2011 12:23 AM

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You need to post pictures, cuts that are healing well can have a white smooth scar like tissue with a dark dry clumpy central area, that sheds eaisly, that's the scab. I would keep water off it, and moisturize/treat it with neosporin. I sluff off the dry easy stuff and dab the neo over the entire abrasion, scar and all. I like neo because it keeps cuts soft and they tend to be less itchy. Are there any runny, or yellow areas, swollen, hot, sore spots? Infection. Protruding soft or hard fleshy masses? Proud flesh like you said.
When was he last checked by a vet? Good job, looking forward to Picts!
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