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crimson88 11-21-2011 11:31 PM

Lunging Devices
I would like to hear opinions on lunging devices such as side reins, vienna lunge reins, "neck strechers", and balance training systems. I do have my opinion on these aids but would like to hear some more in depth details from what others think.

MysterySparrow 11-22-2011 11:11 AM

Side reins, used correctly, can be a very important tool in building a horses topline, self-carriage and balance.

The rest, are gimmicks that look really neat but don't actually do anything more the side reins and often less.

shanoona 11-22-2011 04:55 PM
^^I dont like this one. It seems to me like the horse has to hurt his mouth with every stride.
^^ Gogue is good in my opinion if it is used on well trained horse used to a solid leatcher chambon (not the gummous one!)

I like chambon very much, even though i dont lounge, if i had, i would definitely use chambon and when the horse gets the balance, switch to gogue.

I dont really like side reins as they are to much rigid imho. If this kind of tieing, im for triangle side reins (sorry i dunno the name in english). Like this

But it's different with every horse. As i hate gummous stretchy chambon, i used it for one mare as she was very good on it. She was rigid, stiff and so quick on free, side reins, tie-downs etc.... But shen I got her stretchy chambon between legs(girth)>>mouth>>sides of saddle, she paced peacefully, her head strethced down, and freely. She's comfortable when the rein contact is stretchy (she has very dull mouth but she likes the feeling she has the support of it).

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