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Speed Racer 11-23-2011 11:03 AM

Happy Turkey Day!
In honor of tomorrow's gluttony, sloth, and televised football games, I wish all y'all a Happy Thanksgiving. :razz:

And remember, it's not just about the eating and watching TV, it's also about humiliating your pets and children! :wink:

tinyliny 11-23-2011 02:45 PM

Yes! Let's humiliate them.

Back to the point . . . I love Thanksgiving and am amazed at how it persists as one of the last NOT majorly commercialized holidays out there. Well, somewhat, but nothing like Christmas.

Let's keep it to ourselves and not let it become a reason for buying more stuff. (except for what we are going to eat that day, of course)

Boycott Black Friday sales that are starting on Thanksgiving day!

Alwaysbehind 11-23-2011 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by tinyliny (Post 1242329)
Boycott Black Friday sales that are starting on Thanksgiving day!


One of our family Thanksgiving activities used to be to head out to Ames department store on Thanksgiving. No big sales, just the only place open. It was a fun thing to do as a group.

Lots of families do the black Friday sales as a fun family activity.

tinyliny 11-23-2011 02:53 PM

Because it means persons who work the store have to cut short their own holidays.
And, why can't we wait a day? Why does shopping and buying have to occupy every day every hour? It will soon come that stores will never close on any holiday. Obviously , not the end of the world, but to me, it's a sad lack of respect for tradition and a change to a totally mercantile culture that I find to be a degradation of civility.

Alwaysbehind 11-23-2011 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by tinyliny (Post 1242338)
totally mercantile culture that I find to be a degradation of civility.

Shopping is now evil. Who knew?

I guess we should tell people not to drive anywhere on the holiday either. My relative is a toll taker on one of the toll roads here. He has to work that day.

Going to the movies is another big family Thanksgiving thing (for many people). That means people at the theaters have to work that day too.

I am guessing the people who have to work that day schedule their holiday around their work hours, just like my family does.

tinyliny 11-23-2011 02:59 PM

Hm m m thinking more about his I think it's more the feeling that shopping for Christmas, the next holiday on the line, now intrudes so much into Thanksgiving that is has no space or time for itself. It loses meaning as it is squeezed down to not even ONE day.
I do not think shopping is evil. But I think the frenetic atmosphere that is spawned by the midnight doorbusters can sometimes bring out a lot of nastiness in shoppers.
My point is that it has always been Black FRIDAY, not THURSDAY. Let it stay in it's place and be"special" there.

Speed Racer 11-23-2011 03:02 PM

Christ on a cracker you two, this was meant as a SILLY thread, not a platform for someone to bitch about early Black Friday sales! :-x

Start your own ****ed thread if you want to have an argument/discussion about the poor, overworked retail slaves and evil giant conglomerates.

tinyliny 11-23-2011 03:05 PM

I knew you would say that, so while you were scolding us , I started on!

My mom used to say, "Christ on a Christmas tree!"

tinyliny 11-23-2011 03:06 PM

Oh, and Speed, sorry I mucked things up. My bad.

Speed Racer 11-23-2011 03:07 PM

I'll beat you later, Tiny. :twisted:

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