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OldGranny 11-23-2011 09:41 PM

WTB 17 or 18 inch QH or FQHB Aussie saddle on the cheap :)
Have skinny mare that is filling out FAST (rescued on 9-11 at body condition 1.5 - 2... and on 11/11 her ribs are covered, can't see the spine anymore,even has FAT pads behind shoulders !!!

... but LOL she's just skinny compared to my fat haflinger ;)

and my saddle I have for her I think is too wide which can cause some pretty painful ligament pressure... so I need an aussie on a medium to medium wide tree

And 6.5 to 7 inch gullet to lift it up off those pointy withers of hers.. she's got to be race bred... as she looks like a skinny TB

STUFFED PANELS ONLY. - no rancher style or fleece panels

leather, not synthetic unless the price is just amazingly low (I have one already in synth)

17 or 18 inch seat

with or without horn I don't care

overgirth, NOT dressage girthed.

I live in MOntana..... so postage is always an issue. UPS is best...

anyone have something like this taking up space in the tack shed or barn?

price dependent on saddle condition, maker etc :)

thanks :)

and i'd prefer black.... might as well ask eh?

El Bey Angel 11-30-2011 12:18 PM

I have a 17" Australian saddle with a 7" gullet, with the stuffed panels and everything, all leather, that I'm selling for $175. Comes with cinch. I'm in the Spokane area so not far from Montana. The cheapest method of shipping I know of is USPS parcel post--I can send saddles cross state for under $30, and just a bit more for insurance. I'd have to check to see what it'd be to Montana.

No makers mark on the saddle, but a nice little saddle. Too small for me--got it for my sister who ended up selling her mare, so I am selling it to get a different saddle for me.

Here's a couple photos:

I have more, including measurement shots I can send.

Gidget 11-30-2011 02:05 PM

I use to dislike aussie saddles but I am starting to like them! I am thinking about getting one for my little arab when she is full grown. I have a tendency to collect saddles >.>

Anyways,I know of some saddles that are for sale. Maybe they will ship to you at your cost. If interested I will send you the links.

OldGranny 11-30-2011 04:18 PM

Hi! TY for such a fast reply. I have bids on three on ebay LOL.. and i got dumped by my pretty Mae Mae mare... i guess that wide saddle was pinching her and I did not pay good enough attention... ehhehe. so I am not sure if I should even try another aussie on her until she's got more back muscle. She was so so thin and really needs that top line rebuilt. So for now I am just lunging her while both my knee and my pride are recovering. That girl is gonna be a head tossing bunny hopper

OldGranny 11-30-2011 04:59 PM

Ginger Aussie saddles are fabulous. I 've been using them for ..6? years or so now since I got back into horses again after 25 years. Back in the 'day' (70s) there was just one type, serge panels with no horn and built for skinny TB (Brombie style) horses, not our big foundation QH types. Now there are many styles and some don't even look like aussies anymore LOL! Send me any links ya have, i might have to go to a fleece panel for Mae Mae if the shorter tree (serge panel) style is not going to work for her. The one I have fit my huge wide mare but not the haflinger. this skinny TB type QH.... she's not gonnabe easy to fit

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