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JuniorHunterChamp 11-25-2011 02:28 AM

Please Critique :) Junior Hunters Still Shot
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Please Critique: My horse and I in the junior hunters about a year ago.
Thanks! :)

(i'm new so I don't know if the picture will work or not..)

maura 11-25-2011 05:04 AM

The first thing I noticed about this photo is that you appear to be reaching for your stirrup, and that has affected the rest of your position. Your knee angle is too open and you appear to be standing in the stirrups, which has also pushed your crotch out in front of the pommel and has you laying on the horse's neck.

The good news is your lower leg appears to be rock solid and shortening your stirrups a hole or two will correct a lot of the problem. He looks like a horse with a round thrusty jump so once you shorten your stirrup you may have to work on allowing your hip and knee angle to fold correctly and allow you to stay with his motion, rather than have it pushing you out of the tack and onto his neck.

Despite the long stirrup and too open knee angle, I see lots to like. Flat relaxed back, eyes up, correctly executed crest release. I would like to see you drop your hand an inch or two in your crest relase so you're resting on the muscle of the neck. You'll give your horse a little bit more freedom and it will also make it easier to lift your upper body up away from the neck.

I adore your horse and he can come live in my barn any time. Round, scopey jumper, textbook tight front end (type of horse that would wear a belly guard in the jumpers, he is at risk of hitting himself with a shoe or nail), lovely alert, keen expression with his ears locked forward like gun sights.

Your turnout and presentation are also lovely. He's a perfect show weight, his coat glows with good health and the rest of your turnout is understated, tidy and workmanlike.

JuniorHunterChamp 11-25-2011 08:31 PM


Thank you so much! I agree with everything you have said, and I know I have some things to work on this winter. I think this was maybe my third or fourth show on Petey!

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