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pattyschuler 11-26-2011 10:25 PM

Looking for suggestions on what feed to switch to
I have a yearling that was just diagnosed with OCD. He has been eating Vintage Mare and Foal but I need to take him off of that because the protein is to high. He is going to be having surgery and will be stall bound for quite some time. Does anyone have any suggestions on which food I should switch him to? I would like to keep him on a complete feed (sweet feed and pellets mixed together).

Dreamcatcher Arabians 11-26-2011 11:58 PM

I'd ask at the feed store which of the Blue Seal feeds is not more than 11%, maybe even see if they have a 9% feed, but somehwere in there is a fairly safe range unless your vet wants the protein even lower. I'd cut the sweet feed, high carbs is not good, go for high fat, low protein and preferably middle ground carbs.

SueNH 11-27-2011 04:30 AM

Blue Seal's LS is 10%. It isn't a complete pellet with the forage they need though.
Trotter is but the protein is 14. You could cut the trotter with a hay stretcher but don't use the blue seal hay stretcher. I think it's the highest one out there for carbs and starches.
Stay away from stretching it with beet pulp. Too much has been known to cause OCD issues in growing horses. Seems to be more about that on pages dealing with draft horses.

Growing it by your vet or a real nutritionist. Look into the ration balancers and grass pellets. I'm thinking you need to feed him sort of like he is insulin resistant but most of the diets I see for that are for aged horses not growing ones.

Left Hand Percherons 11-27-2011 09:57 PM

If you've determined that the root cause of his OCD is of dietary origin, you need to look at his entire diet. Protein is not the greatest evil here. Excessive calories as well as mineral imbalances are just as much a problem. Start by having his hay analyzed. Select the test that includes Cu and Zn, usually one step up from the basic forage test. Recreate his diet with the Mare and Foal looking for any glaring problems. Have the vet look it over. Where do cuts or even additions need to take place? Base his new diet on that. A yearling colt on stall rest is a receipe for a disaster. You will want to limit his concentrates but he still needs the building blocks to heal and continue to grow. A ration balancer might just be all he needs. I'll agree with cutting any obvious carbs and sugars out of his diet. He'll be climbing the walls with the lack of turnout and you'll be ready to shoot him by the end of the first week. Keep him busy with grass hay (double haynet it to keep him working on it all day). I'd stay away from a complete feed as it can be eaten very quickly than he has nothing else to do until the next meal but get into trouble.

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