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TravelerandTequila1234 11-27-2011 10:32 AM

First Trot And Canter .
Ok, So I'm getting this horse that Is only broke to ride at a walk. How should I get her to do her first trot and canter? Also, How much should she know before I start Her on barrels? Thank you! :D

TexasBlaze 11-27-2011 10:46 AM

work SLOWLY. Id just start by cuing her for a trot. Dont stop until she trots. Even if its just a stride or two. Then cue again until she picks up a few strides. Then again. Do it over and over until she's picking it up when you first cue her. Once she does that work on letting her trot 4 or 5 strides. Then work on 10 or 12 strides. Then 25 or 30 and so on and so forth. Work with guiding her around and make her work at a trot once you establish it. Make her do circles and lines and zig zags and two tracking and stops. Make her extend and collect, and extend and collect. Really get a good handle on her trot before you take her into a canter. Then do the same thing with the canter. And dont worry about the barrels yet. The most important part of her training is her foundation. When you feel there isnt ANYTHING more you can teach her to do at all three gaits, thats when you think about working on barrels. Ask yourself, can she break down and turn a barrel if i cue her too? IS she flexible enough? Can she do a flying lead change? Will she guide where i want her too at a run? Will she stop right when asked? She needs to be REALLY broke before you even consider barrels, and even then you start SLOWLY.

Good luck

Ray MacDonald 11-27-2011 10:53 AM

I agree, but he first thing I would do is lunge her. Preferably free lunge so she can work up the proper movement and muscling by herself before you ride her. Teach her that when you cluck you want to go faster so it will be easier for her to know what you are asking when you ride her. (Probably less bucking too).

Teach her how to bend and flex, to stop and back up before you ride her at the trot.

Barrels should be at the back of your mind right now. You have to give her the basics before you can teach her to specialize in a disapline.

How old is she? And pics? :)

Cherie 11-27-2011 10:56 AM

I answered your barrel training question on your other thread.

As for trotting and loping -- You ask them when you have prepared them well enough that they are ready. [Another book would be required to teach this to someone that has not done it before or assisted in helping a good colt started do it.]

I thoroughly believe in ground driving. I do not think a colt will ride any better than he drives. When I have my feet on the ground I can control him better than when I am a passenger. So, I teach a horse to guide (to follow its nose), to go forward into a walk and a trot when I smooch and slap the reins on his rump and teach him to slow down and stop when I pull on the reins. If the horse has a lot of 'forward' in him, I teach him to back up on long lines. If he lacks forward impulsion, I do not back him up and spend a lot more time getting him to go forward over and around obstacles. Some, I drive across fallen logs, over creeks, up and down hills -- just about anywhere I will ride in the first few rides.

I find that the more I ground drive one, the less traumatic the first rides are. I like it when I get on for a first ride and the colt rides like he has been ridden 2 or 3 times already.

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