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trIplEcrOwngIrl 11-28-2011 01:37 AM

Training My Sisters :P
Hello all! I thought someone out there might be able to give me some advice. I have been teaching my sister(8 yrs) how to ride and handle horses, my other sis(11 yrs) is a novice but has ridden for a few years and can handle her mare all right. They both have confidence issues though. The reasons for there lack of confidence are different, but I think very understandable. Maybe you all could help me get them over it though? I will describe both of their situations seperatly :).

My youngest sister has some sensory issues that contribute greatly to her problems when it comes to riding. I don't remember exactly what issues she has, but I know that it causes her to have problems being off the ground (ex. she won't swing very high on a swing set). It also causes her not to have great balance. Riding is however great therapy for her so we try to get her to ride Rosie. She loves horses and is great with Rosie on the ground. She is always watching me and learning from what I do and applying it when she works with Rosie. I am very proud of how her in how far she has come in the past few months. She went from being terrified of giving Rosie a treat to now she feeds her by hand, catches, halters and leads her, tightens her girth(I always check it though), grooms her, and will pick up all four of her hooves and picks out the front two all by herself. She also got scared one day and taught herself how to dismount, lol! However, as confident as she is on the ground, in the saddle it is totally different. She prefers bareback and she doesn't seem to feel any more secure in the saddle and can't reach the stirrups. She can get Rosie to go/stop/turn pretty well but will only ride with my dad right beside her. If he isn't, she absolutely refuses to stay on and will start crying/screaming/throwing a fit. I don't know if she gets so upset because she thinks it will help her get her way or if it has to do with her sensory thing. I don't know if anyone can help me on this one but if you have any advise on how to get her to ride by herself, please tell me! Also, anything I should be having her practice with Rosie would be great. :)

My other sister, who is 11, knows how to ride all right but lacks confidence severely. Rosie needs a confident rider and is much more suitable for me or my brother but he is away at college and I don't have time to ride both Pari and Rosie. She is my sisters' mare but we will probably be getting another horse when we move to the country this summer. That way we will have three horses to ride. My 11 yr old sister will probably be the main rider for the new horse since Rosie just isn't a good fit for her, but in the mean time I want her to keep riding so she doesn't loose what confidence she does have. She had Rosie out in pasture and she was doing fine, but Rosie was nervous. I was riding Pari in the arena and didn't see what was happening with Rosie and my sister but she needed to bring her back in. She stayed out and Rosie got upset. My sister got too scared which sent Rosie right off the edge and bolted for the barn at a dead gallop. My sis managed to stay on until Rosie spun around and she fell off...into the barbed wire. She has only been on once since and only with my dad. She is too scared to ride again and I really want her too because she does enjoy it usually. Rosie will behave for her in the arena, she just doesn't have the confidence and experience to take her out on the trail. Any advice here? She won't ride Paradise and he needs an experienced confident rider too. My dad wants to get them an ottb or otqh but I am trying to talk him out of it. Pari only looks calm because he he trusting me and listening to me, not because he is experienced enough for the girls.

So...if you read this, thank you so much!! **Hands you a cookie** Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!

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