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Klassic Superstar 11-28-2011 12:51 PM

Well I'm so very very glad I decided to lunge before I got on cause...
Well yesterday my boyfriend and I took the family out to meet Oliver. We took his mom who I dearly love to death and our family friend with her 3 year old son. Ollie was so good, just stood there to be brushed and fed carrots. Plan was for me to work him and tire him out so that we could put his mom on and our friend and the three year old for pony rides.

I had him all ready to go and was going to lunge him cause he hadn't been worked in two days, it's was very stormy out and his first time getting worked with no winter I thought it's be smarter to be safer then just getting on....turns outbid was so totally right. I did t even have to to out him on a circle and was still leading him in the arena when all of a sudden he went bronc on me, straight up and then started spinning! I have had him almost four months now, he came to me with the reputation of being a "skitzo" horse just throwing anyone who got the almost four months I have had him he never has acted up, he went from pretty forward and spooky and up tight to acting like a school horse. Well yesterday he went back to feeling pretty frisky, it was pretty scary though, when he first went up I had tossed the rest of the line out at him to get him away from me cause I was about 5 feet away from the wall and was not about to have him come any closer to me with no where to go!! These weren't little rears either full on straight up and coming back down and crow hoping to a spin to go up again. I eventually had to let go cause I didn't want to hurt and would rather try to catch him then be getting hurt (have had a lot of damage done to my body over the years) anyways he wound up getting the line caught in his legs and at one point when he went up he had stepped on the line and I think caught his mouth pretty darn hard causing it to bleed a bit. I got him calmed down, he had managed to flip the reins of hist head even with them twisted up and through the throat latch and luckily somehow (cause the throat latch was on the first hole and not through a keeper) came undone and that's how his reins flipped over and he didnt break them some how! I took the reins off and just stood there talking to him, he looked so ashamed, but I knew I could t get really mad at him cause I had no clue to what it was he really reacted to and with him being so young and green. I know he wasn't trying to hurt me, I could tell he was for sure reacting to something though, he has never ever done anything like that with me. I was skiing pretty good and had to really calm myself down before putting him back out on the lung. When I did he was still pretty hot, bucking and breaking into canter, I just kept telling him he was okay and get it out of his system, taking to him really helped him calm down and I was able to put my side reins on and had him work pretty well! He was bowing and chewing and his whole top line instantly relaxed and he was using his back and nada beautiful lofty trot going on. What ever bit was he had to do he did and I got on after lunging and had the MOST relaxed ride on him I have ever had, he was so on the aids and respectful, I ended my ride with trotting and canter on a long rein out to the buckle and he was so soft under me. It was an amazing feeling, I would just close my legs a little and sit up and sit a bit deeper and he would go right down to a huge lofty but relaxed trot! Then I would ask for canter and he smoothly just float right into it!

I had the best rude on him! I know I didn't jump or do anything fancy or really work on anything but the fact he was so relaxed like that is pretty much the biggest break through I have had with him yet!!

Jonah the 3 year old got on and nada blast, Ollie took great care if him while I led him around, he stepped so slow and careful! Then Jo aha mom got on and he did the same and my boyfriends mom too!!

Had to share what a great day we had! Started off kind of wild but ended up being fantastic! I love my horse!!

Do you think I did the right thing when he first went up and started to rear and freak out? I fell bad he got all tangled and hurt his mouth but I was trying to keep myself from getting hurt.

Thanks! Sam

Corporal 11-28-2011 01:39 PM

Please don't be offended but I have never put guests on any horse that I own that behaves like that while handling. I always use my best and safest mounts and those horses frown on such behavior. IMHO, you should spend every day this winter teaching your horse that bucking and rearing is ONLY acceptable among the herd during turnout. Perhaps, should he do it again, he should be tied up for about 6 hours to think about it? =/

SorrelHorse 11-28-2011 01:44 PM

I agree with above post, but didn't you say you had never had any trouble with him before even though he was a "Schizo Horse"?

I have one mare that I NEVER ride without doing groundwork first, just because she is SO ridiculously hot, but she is a doll once she gets all her energy out and gets to play.

mls 11-28-2011 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Corporal (Post 1246849)
should he do it again, he should be tied up for about 6 hours to think about it? =/

Horses don't think in terms of - I reared there fore I need to stand tied for six hours.

Klassic Superstar 11-28-2011 01:50 PM

Thank you for your opinion. Inwould never personally tie him up for any amount of time like that. That will not get me any where with his training and as I stated in my thread he is green and young. I would not put anyone on him if I didn't feel it was safe. He calmed down and settled into work amazingly and he never tried anything with me under saddle. Horses are like dogs you can't get mad at them after a certin amount of time when they have mis behaved, they won't understand or connect the dots so that would be just un fair. I did what I thought was best, worked him through it, talked to him. He was more scared then anything, getting mad at a young scared green horse who was already acting up is only going to result in more acting up and he needed to be worked through in a positive way so he would learn that no it's not okay but that when your good and get that behavior out on the lunge line he can move on and be a good boy.

Have you tied up your horse after it misbehaved for hours? What good came out of that. Also he's a horse, a young horses he's going to have his moments even with him in full training, it's only natural.

Klassic Superstar 11-28-2011 01:55 PM

The reason he was deemed a skitzo was cause he had people riding him that thought they knew how to work a vey green horse.... Green rickets and green horses don't mix to well so he was getting flusterd, worried and by doing so he was bucking people off. He is a saint for me. Iv been taking my time and doing tons of work with and even on his bad days he still has never even tried to buck with me on him, or my trainer.

Corporal 11-28-2011 02:06 PM

I stand corrected. You are happy when your horse "plays" while you are on the other end of the lungeline. I don't like my horses to do this, and I train them not to. (They probably have secret meetings where they discuss how MEAN I am.)
Tying up for long periods teaches your horse to tie up for long periods. BUT, it also teaches your horse that your commands mean something. I only suggested it bc I figure a 1,000 pound animal that wants to play with ME like I am another 1,000 pound animal doesn't understand that I will break, and he won't. Er go, he will associate being tied with a lack of freedom. Horses DO understand this. My 5 yo geldings have stopped pawing when tied bc I've been tying them up while I do garden work (so that I can keep an eye on them) and there are MUCH quieter tied now than they were eariler this year. Neither of them bucks or rears while doing ground work. The 2 different parties that broke each of them didn't think bucking and rearing during groundwork was acceptable either. (I imagine that their other horses have secret meetings where they discuss how MEAN they are, too.)
Do as you please, and forgive my interruption. It was kindly meant.

gothicangel69 11-28-2011 02:16 PM

I think you did the right thing when he started acting up. Your safety comes before anything else- even that of your horse. I think you were right to lunge him afterwards as well. You know him better than anyone else, and if he was frightened as you say, disciplining would have only made the situation worse- now if it was just blatant disrespect, that's a whole other ball game.
I personally never ride my young guy without lunging him first. He always goes on a bucking bronc spree when I first start to lunge him, but once he gets his kinks out he rides like a charm. He always has so much energy starting out that I figure this is safer- he has never bucked with me in the saddle, so I don't mind him doing it before I get on as he's just being playful and he makes sure he's well away from me when he does (we free-lunge).
I would be a little nervous putting anyone on him after that display, but seeing as how you rode him before hand with no issues and you know him best, it may or may not have been the right thing to do.
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Klassic Superstar 11-28-2011 02:23 PM

Thank you gothic, I felt it was safe to put people on cause I was leading him and he felt so mellow. I for sure would not have done it if I felt he would try anything at all.

I to always lunge for the same reason, just feels safer with a young green horse. He usually doesn't go on a bucking spree or act up but for me it's just in case and I use side reins sometimes to help him balance in the warm up.

DuffyDuck 11-28-2011 02:26 PM

Personally I think the bleeding from the mouth is the least of your problems ;D

It would appear that a number of things made him turn round that day and give you the middle finger, and you've already listed them- no excercise for two days, clip, bad weather and your own possible excitement to have other people ride him. He may have picked up on this and turned it against you.

I have to agree that I wouldn't put a kid, beginner or my worst enemy on a horse that had just been inclined in the way you have mentioned. HOWEVER if its the first time, don't expect it to be the last, you need to win these little dominance battles.

If he is on a lunge, and he rears, has a paddy does whatever, and its naughty behaviour, not nervous behaviour, send him forward, forward,forward, and when he stops from tiredness, send him on and stop him shortly after. You don't want to sour him, but he has to learn if you say jump, he says how high. You say go, he goes till you stay stop.

Its a learning curve for every horse rider when their horse has a moment, but you need to address it, and sort it.

I have to agree with both. I wouldn't leave a horse tied up for hours on end, it doesn't achieve much more than boredome, however, I have tied a horse up for an hour and left it so when I say stand, it stands. I've never had any issues with this, and it worked with me.

You found what was broke, now fix it up with something stronger the duck tape and you'll have no worries.

Lunging is great, but not to run off steam, that just gets the horse fitter, and the horse then believes great, I get to buck and fart and mess around and go as fast as I can- then you ride one day without lunging....=....darn, bruises.

Good luck though!! And glad he calmed down.

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