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brickhouse 11-29-2011 06:44 PM

Bit Type Survey For College Student Research- All welcome!
Please answer the questions below about bit types. The information is going to be used in my research paper for my english class, I just need to collect some data to use!
1. What bit type do you personally think is the best? (Be as specific as you'd like)
2. Why do you think this?
3. Do you find that it helps control your horse better, especially if your horse is particularly free spirited?
4. Do you think you're horse is comfortable in this bit?
5. Do you use metals with flavors for your horse? If yes, which?
6. Which aspects do you think are most influential when deciding which bit is best?
7. Do you find this bit easy to use?
8. What is the best aspect of your favorite bit?

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