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DuffyDuck 11-30-2011 03:11 AM

Can we have a section called 'Human training?'
Not like pirate Argh, frustrated Argh.

I've had Duffy 5 and a half months, in the first two weeks we ironed out kinks, as in- bad manners she has learnt, got away with, and tried on me. Not had any problems since that should be noted.

Picked her feet out in he rbox, headcollar on, cross ties on and BAM she bit me, but got my coat instead. So I unclipped cross ties, one leadrope underneath and unleashed hell, made her walk back, forwards, stand, back, forwards, stand until she brought her head low. She then stood with the leadrope on the floor for grooming and tacking up.

This was SO unlike her, I've never seen her with her ears back- so I was confused. At the moment she is staying in, there isn't enough grass in the paddock to sustain her, and she comes in skinny. It doesn't cause her any stress and as soon as I can get her out the better.

Spoke to YO and she says that one private owner lets her 2&4yo feed her, stroke her, pet her. I was mortified- I don't feed her treats by hand FULL STOP. I don't give her cuddles until after she's done something to warrant it.

That is the only thing I can think of, so I spoke to the woman and said look, Duffy bit me this evening, and where as its out of character, please keep your kids away in case she bites them blah blah- and she blamed me. I said I'm letting you know so your kids don't get their fingers bitten off...

So for now, until I trust Duffy as this being a one off incident, or I pull all her teeth out, her window has been closed so she can't stick her neck out and get people.

Poor horse- silly humans.

Kayty 11-30-2011 06:24 AM

DD, I think MOST of the posts in the training section tend to be more human training than horse training ;) As in most cases (generally speaking) it is human error causing negative horse behaviours.

For example, I have no qualms about people patting my yearling over the fence, he needs to get used to day to day happenings. But of course, he is a youngster, they are mouthy, and though it may be cute when he mouths your clothes and nips a little, its not so cute when he loses those little baby teeth and takes a good bite of you. People are patting him over the fence, and encouraging him to nibble and grab clothing, pull caps off heads etc. thinking it's really cute and funny.
Then here comes big mean Kayty, not letting her cute little baby nibble and mouth. He can mouth to his hearts content, as long as it's not on me!!!!

DuffyDuck 11-30-2011 06:29 AM

I know... my poor babe has a reputation for being a 'monster' horse and I have NO idea why. I think its her height and age, people just see her and so many have said I'm crazy to get such a big horse... I'm like, if the horse decided to go it doesn't matter if its 13hh or 18.1hh, its gonna go.

I don't get why she did it, its the only thing I can link to it, and I don't mind people petting her, I scratch and pat as a reward for good behaviour/work. But I NEVER feed her by hand, and I have asked people not to feed her, or mumsy her because she used to kick her door for attention.

I was so shocked, and a bit upset about it because it was out of character for her.

I dunno.

Maybe I should write a sign.

'Pet horse at own Peril- likes fingers with Ketchup'

MysterySparrow 11-30-2011 06:43 AM

I had that problem with the mare I had boarded a few years back. She had a quite dominant personality to begin with and learned wicked fast about anything. I had to finally go to the BM and lodge a complaint because she kept getting more and more fussy and mouthy when I would go in the stall to halter her. It was the woman who had three horses in the stalls that faced hers. She continued to hand feed treats to Loper after I had first asked nicely, then told her outright to stop it.

The BM moved Loper to another stall and I heard that about two weeks later, one of her own horses took a chunk out of her hand and sent her to the hospital for stitches.

It's bad enough when you are gonna spoil your own horse and make them a pest or a danger, don't do it to mine!

iridehorses 11-30-2011 06:46 AM

Duffy, I started a thread about my mare, Bonnie, having a real change of attitude. I wondered if it could have anything to do with the Biotin supplement that I had just put her on - really knowing that it probably couldn't but wondered if anyone else might have experienced something like that.

Bonnie has always been a stereotype mare but this time there was something different. If I put my hand to her forehead she was fine, but if I tried to stroke the side of her neck up by her head she would pin her ears and then try to bit. She had never done that and we had a real "come to the Lord" meeting over it. I have no idea why but it lasted a few days and now she seems back to being her normal mareish self.

Maybe there is no real reason for the behavior except to say she is a mare. BTW, my horses are at my farm with no one else to take care of them but me.

DuffyDuck 11-30-2011 07:37 AM

That may be true iridehorses, and it may have been her testing her boundries, but it was the mother's response that seemed to blame me when I was just trying to give her a heads up my horse has decided it likes the taste of flesh- her kids not mine at the end of the day.

I haven't known biotin to change a horse's temp, my dad's mare and my old mare used to be a baggage, so we used magnesium as well- the difference is REMARKABLE, it just makes them more pleasant to be around, and in the field too- less scraps ;D

I am hoping this is a one off incident and I made her realise chomping is BAD. I think so, because then when I rode her she was brilliant- do you reckon if I beat her up every time before I ride she'll be good? xD

It infuriates me. Its my horse, I've asked you once, why do I have to repeat myself? Now poor Duffy can't see out because I really REALLY want to make sure this is an isolated incident, if not, we shall put up a nice big sign. I'm insured. Anyone can touch her at their own peril.

Poor pony :(

Hunter65 11-30-2011 11:16 AM

I had a lady at my old barn that kept hand feeding Hunter and he came to me with a biting issue. I asked her time and time again PLEASE dont hand feed him put it in his bucket. She kept saying but he takes it so nicely and I said I don't care DO NOT hand feed. She continued to do so until the day I left - her horses were so frickin spoiled I am surprised they didn't bite. New barn has a treat lady who walks her dog every day and stops by to see the horses. I asked her if she is going to give an apple/carrot please just put it in his pen as he can be a biter (although he hardly tries to bite anymore)> She said no problem.

Skyseternalangel 11-30-2011 06:25 PM

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I've noticed lately my horse has been getting very mouthy and in my face lately.. especially in the stall! It's completely rude and I can't just go mad hell on him because it's not his fault people are confusing him. I do make him back away and he does stand when I ask. He's such a good boy.. just wish people would NOT mess with my horse by attempting to feed him carrots for looking cute.

Tejas 11-30-2011 08:38 PM

I didn't realize that so many people DIDN'T feed treats. My idea of treats are apples/carrots or anything fresh that is safe and healthy for a horse. I dont buy horse cookies and things. Whenever my horses get trimmed, or after a trail ride they get treats like these. I like to feed them baby carrots mostly.

There's a man who boards his 3 horses out there too. He said he doesn't like his horses getting treats. I feel bad passing his guys up, but I do give them belly scratches when I go out to feed mine..

BravadoThePony 11-30-2011 09:22 PM

I try to make a habit of not touching a persons horse without permission. It saves me from getting hurt if the horse has behavioral issues and saves me from having to deal with owners that will get angry(rightfully so).
If a new horse turns up at the barn and I don't know his owner I tend to go up and check him out from outside the stall, but I resist the urge to pet.
Most people who go around doing stuff like that lady who was feeding Duffy usually having had their fingers munched on by a horse. My pony got my pinky good over a week ago and it's STILL bruised!

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