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dungeldings 11-30-2011 04:01 AM

FS: Prestige, Mattes, Pessoa, Veredus + more (cheap odds and ends)
For sale..
a little bit of everything really

1. Older Collegiate, plain flap no knee rolls w/ leathers and irons - $150
2. Brand new Pessoa Rodrigo - retail price $2300 - used 3X, just doesn't fit horse (he's very wide with huge shoulders) - $1250 with calfskin leathers and Sprenger jointed irons

1. 50 leather girth, darker brown - $20
2. 54 leather overlay girth, oakbark ish - $25
3. Frank Baines 56 bellypad with removable sheepskin, fits like a 54, very good shape (like new) - $200
4. 50 Prestige girth, used 2x - $100

Horse boots, leg wraps, etc.
1. 12" pink no bows, set of 2 - $8
2. 14" purple no bows, set of 2 - $8
3. Shedrow open front and back boots, brand new in packages - $40 for the set of 4 (compare at $80 - $100)
4. Shedrow neutral coloured hind boots, good shape - $10
5. Plaid Shedrow shipping boots, not full hock coverage - $20 for a set of 4
6. Rambo shipping boots, Newmarket blue/white stripe horse sized used once only - $60
7. Leopold leather boots, fronts and hinds - with removable attachments. Fronts have removable sheepskin attachment as well as neoprene, hinds just have neoprene. Warmblood size (size XL). Used to be a brand Running Fox carried, purchased new for $600 - $130 for 4
8. Black girth cover, Shedrow - $5
9. Plaid polos, in package, set of 4 - $10
added 11/30 10. Veredus sheepskin boots, set of 4. Grand Prix. Retails for over $500 new for all 4 - set of 4 for $125!

Breeches and apparel
1. Pull on schooling breeches, fit like a 28-30 (no size), good shape - $15

Sheets and blankets
1. 75 winter blanket, unknown brand. Cleaned and waterproofed, heavyweight fill - $50
2. 86 Rambo stable blanket, cleaned and ready to go no repairs medium weight not waterproof good for in the barn - $50
3. 87 Weatherbeeta Taka freestyle with hood, dirty on the outside but asking $25 less to make up for cost of cleaning - inside is clean, was professionally cleaned then used for a week before horse sold - $125 with hood (compare at $299 plus the cost of the hood) - it's a detachaneck, also
4. 81 Rambo Newmarket blue/white stripe stable sheet, no fill, good for shows brand new just tried on a horse - $70 - SOLD, sorry.

Saddle pads
1. Lot of 2 saddle pads, 1 is a suede black saddle pad and the other is a white pad with a horse head - has some staining, good for schooling - $8 for the pair
2. Mattes half pad, good shape size M - $80
3. Professionals Choice (I think?) half pad, size M - $50
4. Shedrow half pad - $15

Bridles and parts
1. Dy'on noseband, fancy stitched, brand new - $40
2. Val Du Bois figure 8 attachment with sheepskin, very nice also brand new - $25
3. Vespucci cob sized plain raised padded figure 8 bridle, oiled but never used on a horse no reins - $100
added 11/30 - 4. Prestige elastic breastplate with running martingale attachment - very good shape, retails for $277 asking $125

I will ship worldwide.
I sell on eBay and on other forums with 100 percent positive feedback (horsegroomingsupplies username SouthernComfort)

Please email me for fastest response or if no response here within several days

With Grace 11-30-2011 12:02 PM

Do you have pics of the saddle pads? TIA!

Courtney 11-30-2011 10:29 PM

Hey. What seat size and gullet width is the Collegiate? Can you post some photos?

EnzoEventer 12-04-2011 11:52 AM

Pictures of the older collegiate... ?

Allison Finch 12-04-2011 01:00 PM

Hmmm... that's the problem with people who join just to post things for sale. They don't monitor the site well and it is hard to get responses many times.

Worldwide shipping? We don't even know where she is? Count me worried.....

Courtney 12-04-2011 03:22 PM

I sent an email as well, with no response.

Hey Admin, maybe it would be worth a shot to implement a new rule? I post on another forum that states that each member must post at least 50 contributing posts before being able to post a classified. Not sure how easy that would be to implement though.

Allison Finch 12-05-2011 07:15 PM

That is being discussed already.....

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