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whispering willow 11-30-2011 03:20 PM

You wanna read a story, READ THIS ONE!!
Have you ever had that feeling that your been watched? Thats pretty much what this story is going to start off with. Hehehe (evil laugh). You invited your friend to stay for the night. So you asked her, what do you wanna do? Your friend said I dunno, maybe we can for a trail ride? You said, sure why not? So You are saddling up your tack and she is doing hers. But you're having this feeling that you're being watched, like someone is over your shoulder. You turn around to see if anything is there....nothing living, just an old creepy barn. So then you went back to your horse and was very cautious of what was behind you......CRASH!... What was that? your friend said. I don't know. So you and your friend got on your horses and went for a ride on the trails. From what was once a sunny day that day became darker and darker the longer you guys went. It was so quiet that you could hear your horse's heart beat. after 20 minutes into the ride, you guys wanted to practice sit a buck in a pasture. But you looked through the bushes and saw a red bright glowing light! What could that be? You asked. What could what be? your friend answered. Can't you see that glowing light? She said what glowing light? When you turned back to see where it was it wasn't there anymore. So you said, okay lets get out of here, i must have a fever or something. Your friend said okay. So you got to your barn and untacked your horses. Your friend asked you what was wrong once more and you told her the same saw a red glowing light appearing in the bush. You wanna know what that was? That Red, shiny, glowing light was......SANTA!!! lol he called your number and told you that he didn't mean to scare you in the barn, he just stubbed his toe on a block of wood your dad left in the barn. And that red light happens when ever he's around you. Lol I didn't know how to end the story but I hope you guys loved it! :P :D

lucky2008 12-03-2011 10:00 AM

You are saddling up your tack- don't you mean horse not tack?
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whispering willow 12-03-2011 11:55 AM

Yes sorry, typo :P

Samstead 12-18-2011 09:41 PM

Good story but, add some punctuation and watch your spelling.

MySissyGirl 12-18-2011 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by whispering willow (Post 1252774)
Yes sorry, typo :P

I thought your story was very cute. There's always a critic.

MySissyGirl 12-18-2011 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by Samstead (Post 1271171)
Good story but, add some punctuation and watch your spelling.

LOL -- In that case, where does the comma above belong?

Samstead 12-18-2011 11:18 PM

Lol sorry typing and I don't exactly get along

whispering willow 12-19-2011 12:25 PM

lol thanks guys :D

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