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Drifting 12-02-2011 01:28 PM

Question for Arabian Breeders/Owners
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Hey guys,

I have an Arabian/Quarter horse yearling (Born July 2010.) His ****(QH) is 15.3 and his Sire(Arab) is 15.1. When I got him in August I was very surprised at his size. He was still in a weanling halter, and looked like he could have been my 15 hand gieldings 5 month old foal when they were side by side.

He's gone through a little growth spurt, graduated to a yearling halter and is slowly getting up to 13 hands. I know Arabian's grow slowly, I purchased him knowing I couldn't even think about breaking him in until he was at least 3/4 years old.

Just how slow is he going to grow though? Everyone that sees him doubts he'll get near the 15 hand mark, but his beeder assured me he would. I even did the string test and it said he'd be about 15 hands so I am holding onto my faith!

So for those that have had Arabian and Arabian cross babies, how slow, if slow at all did they grow?

And a little off topic, what kind of equipment did you use? I was hoping to do some ground work with him next winter and am probably going to have to look into some pony sized tack.

I included pictures, who doesn't like horse pictures on a horse forum?! This is Phantom! (He's also in my avatar, the little grey under my chesnut's head. That was back in August.)

WSArabians 12-02-2011 01:42 PM

They're growth plates grow at the rates as other horses - the fronys closing at two and the backs around three. They just take longer to finish "beefing up".
Usually four to five they are done. Size really depends on his breeding. Most of mone are Polish bred - they tend to run on the shorter side around 14.3 or so. My Spanish gelding is 15.1. My other mare is a hair under 16hh and built like a tank (most Paint and Quarter Horse breeders mistake her for a cross).
Your guy has a fair length to his cannon bone so I wouldn't be surprised for him to hit 15hands.
It's all a waiting game.

As for training, I use the same equpiment and methods I use on any other horse. Contrary to popular belief, Arabians are not very fragile. I don't start until they are three though, that's just my personal way of doing it. I have no problem getting them used to being tacked up and exposure done, but I don't ride them then.

Drifting 12-02-2011 01:48 PM

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Thanks, I'm really looking forward to seeing him in the spring/summer when he sheds out his winter coat and goes from the faded black he was earlier this year to the grey I know he's going to be! He's mostly grey now anyway, but it'll be lighter when he sheds out. So between the coloring and the height, it can be fun to see the differences a few months make. I was going to take measurements once a month, but then decided I wouldn't torture myself with it. Its like watching grass grow (but I am entirely way too impatiant too.)

WSArabians 12-02-2011 02:25 PM

My two boys are both grey too, and going through weird colour stages.
Reed, the sire, went through an almost Appy colouring as a two year old. It's a good thing he has superb conformation or he never would have won his halter championship. Lol
his colt is going through that stage right now, too. Be interesting to see how he sheds out in the spring. Grey can definitely be a fun colour to watch change!

FlyGap 12-02-2011 03:25 PM

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I've had a few Quarab's and they all differ, but I've found that they mature, and by that I mean fill out bone and muscle, fully at 6. Make sure you feed plenty of protein and vitamins. Get him gelded as soon as possible, that will help his height. He should fit horse sized tack when he is around 3/4. It just all depends on the horse. I had one mare Seina that had a tiny head until around 4, too big for pony, too small for horse, that is always a pain. He's a sweetie!
This is Seina at 3 1/2! Still tiny, but she was the same color as your boy, had the same star that faded. Matured just shy of 15h. at 6/7, it took forever! Her dam was 15h her sire 15.3.

FlyGap 12-02-2011 03:45 PM

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Here she is at 7 standing next to a 14.1 Quarab foundation QH lines. See it can go any way! He was a rescue, emaciated, I fixed that! Got and gelded him at 2, he's 5 in this photo and didn't get any taller. She greyed out so fast, I wish she would have stayed so pretty and dark dappled grey.

eventerjumpergirl 12-03-2011 10:17 PM

They will grow til about 7 I believe, when they finally fill out. He's got a ways to go. Ill bet he will reach it. My boys reached their estimated height.

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