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AnnaT 12-02-2011 04:41 PM

So I got rid of the blighters when I got Harry 8-9 months ago and I hoped that was the end of it but a few weeks ago I started putting him out in a field with 2 old horses and a Charlie a friendly shire horse and he came in covered in burrs. I was in cast for a couple of days after an operation and couldn't get him groomed, I asked people to do it and they did. I found bald spots on the underside of the thighs of his back legs and thought he had got irratated by the burrs or still got burrs in his tail/in his coat and thats what was causing them. Also when I tied his tail up he stopped scratching but I dunno musta been a coincidence.
Anyway turns out it wasn't that, I checked his coat twice, once when he first started scratching his leg and...well it was more than twice and I brushed it well everyday cause I thought it was just his tail had been causing irritation and I never saw any lice so I must be blind and couldn't see anything but another girl at the yard found a lice and after a really thorough hunt I found one, but only one.

So, I drenched him in lice powder (including everyone and everything around us!) and I'm going to get another tub and drench him again in a few days (outside this time) and maybe some kinda liquid thing, anything I can to keep the beasties off!
He definitely had nothing a few weeks ago it was only after being in the field with these horses he started this scratching, I'm sure people think I'm a real bad horse owner :(
I suspect he has got them from one or other of the older horses in the field as my yard owner has no policy of delousing before they arrive and when I suggested it to the owner of the horses she didn't seem interested, but, maybe I got the wrong impression. Me and Charlies owner checked Charlie and couldn't find anything and he isn't itching or anything.

Right so, I've done him with the powder and wanted to know:
I was going to get his rugs washed but is it worth washing them?
And if so with what (think low budget here like, washing powder...strong soap..I dunno maybe you have a homemade remedy!)?
Or could I just powder them too as the lice were only one or two on his legs?
His stable is on stones do I need to take ALL his bedding out and wash the stones and everything too (might not be allowed as his stables is in the indoor school on soil ground with no drains :/)?
Should I take it to my yard owner about getting the others to delouse their horses just in case? (I told her he had lice so she might do it anyway and Charlies owner implied she was going to)


p.s I'm washing his brushes, numnahs, headcollars, leadropes, haynets, my horse riding coat, my clothes, his tack box etc.

Another thing, I read somewhere that putting garlic in their feed keeps them away, any truth or testaments to this?
I know they like nice warm, hairy, fat, rugged horses which my pony is!
(He's not obese in case anyone is worried, the vet said he is just right)

AnnaT 12-02-2011 06:01 PM

I just washed his indoor rug in the washing machine and I'm gonna dust it through with the lice powder before he gets it on.
He hasn't worn his outdoor rug since...last Saturday and I might send it away to get professionally cleaned because its massive.
Washed his headcollar and lead rope in piping hot water and found no dead lice but its surprising how much mud they hide, nice and bright red again now. Going to dust it too with lice powder (hell I'm gonna dust everything to be sure!)
Got a spare numnah from a person in the yard (they never use it and their horse is kept on the other side of the yard, never near my horse)....might dust it too lol.

bubba13 12-02-2011 11:52 PM

A healthy horse with a good immune system shouldn't get lice at all...are you positive of the diagnosis?

AnnaT 12-03-2011 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by bubba13 (Post 1252459)
A healthy horse with a good immune system shouldn't get lice at all...are you positive of the diagnosis?

Yes but it was only one or two, I saw only one, got rid of them and he has stopped scratching :) It's the only thing that makes sense anyway and the bald spots are not ringworm spots they are lice bald spots. Gonna get me some lice shampoo for when the weather warms up to keep the lice away. As far as I know any horse can get them and they especially love fat, hairy, warm horses which keep their rugs on all the time or that is what I was told.

Not gonna be checking this thread anymore cause I got this sorted. :D

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