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travlingypsy 06-23-2008 08:53 PM

How do I get her complete respect?
Some of you might remember Gypsy, my hellz bellz. Even though we have gotten way better. But I want more from her. I know she loves me and respects me to a point. But how can i get that great bond, better respect, the willingness to please.How do I get to be the leader ALL times.

Twice now ive had to ride without horses out in turnout/in the padocks where she can see them in the arena. When she first goes into the arena shes well not exactly snorting but little ones like shes breathing so hard I hear the nostils flair. And If something gives her the chance to spook she would. So how do I become leader and have her trust me and leave her insacurities at the gate?

Also we are getting really bored in the arena. Im just bored riding like I want to ride I get all excited and then half way into it im like yup ok whatever walk,trot and canter, cirlce here, half halt here, bla blah yah know. Does that mean im just bored of riding? Or am I ready to advance in my riding/training?

I want to talk to my BO and see what she says and I want private lessons. But shes gone for awhile so ill ask you guys. Does it sound like im ready to move up?

Bea Rocky Pine 06-25-2008 07:06 AM

I think it`s not the question, if you are ready to move up but your horse. I don`t think that you and your horse are ready to move up, because the basics are loosing. The most important think is, that your horse trusts you.

But the training in the arena must not be boring. It may also never become boring for the horse, so that it does not lose the fun to the work.

I form the training very diverse with work in the Round Pen, manoeuvre training, ground work and area horse riding.

For example:
I stand marker in the arena and ride figure eights or swerving lines around the markers. Or I lay poles in the hall.

So that your horse recognises you as a leader, I can recommend you Natural Horsemanship. There your horse learns to trust you and if you this has reached, it will also not frighten any more so easily because it has learnt that it can count on you.

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