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xxEmilyxx 12-03-2011 08:23 PM

Horse Slaughter Is Back In The U.S.
*sigh* I guess it's back? Heard about it on the news too...upsetting to me. Really though I have never actually seen anyone in America eating horse. Do they just kill them here and ship them to Canada or Europe or something? Or is horse consumption just not very popular where I live..?

U.S. Equine Slaughter Legal Again | Animal Law Coalition

equiniphile 12-03-2011 08:37 PM

Oh boy, this one's bound to start some fireworks.

I'm glad it was legalized; it needed to be. Much, much better than having horses endure the cruel drive in double-deckers to Mexico. I don't have a problem with people eating horse meat. Hell, if given the chance I would proably try it myself.

mselizabeth 12-03-2011 08:47 PM

Not this thread again...

Oh boy is right. haha

robohog 12-03-2011 08:47 PM

Finally Humane Slaughter is back! It really sucks that a horse gets shipped to mexico and possibly is treated like crap before it is slaughtered. I hate the though of slaughtering any animal but i love my steaks and poor horses that are in pain or starved because of crappy owners, deserve the dignity of a HUMANE slaughter

Ladytrails 12-03-2011 08:57 PM

There aren't any slaughter houses open in the US yet for horse slaughter. The news articles say that there might be some opening up with in 30-90 days.

All horse meat intended for human consumption (that I know of) is shipped outside of the country for because there isn't much of a market for horse meat in the US except for zoos and that type of thing. In fact, your state of Florida has a huge problem with black-market horsemeat for human consumption. Over the past couple of years there have been horrific news articles of valuable animals being stolen and butchered for black-market horsemeat in Florida.

There are 4 states in the US that have state laws preventing slaughter of horses. Other states are considering opening up slaughter houses - Nebraska, Wyoming, and Missouri are some that were in the news.

The sad truth is that horses are going to be slaughtered whether it is in the US or Canada or Mexico. I am STRONGLY in favor of having it legalized in the US for 3 important reasons: 1) there are greater odds that the slaughter will be humanely done, and the horses won't have to cross continents on their final journey, and that is very important to me; 2) the value of horses will go up which is good for the horse industry as well as individual horse owners; and 3) if my horse is stolen there is a greater chance that I will get her back if there are US slaughterhouses, vs the chance that she could be taken out of the country.

Just my thoughts.....

Hoofprints in the Sand 12-03-2011 09:20 PM

Although I'd never send my horse to slaughter and wouldn't be interested in consuming horse meat, this is a better alternative to the long trip outside the country into the slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico.

I'm just hoping they can regulate them better this time around.
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Joe4d 12-04-2011 06:30 AM

I dont think the value is gonna go up or the abuse cases are gonna go down. The same number of horses are being exported as there were being slaughtered before the houses closed. Horse value plummeted because the economy tanked. Lots of supply low demand. Your other two reasons are pretty valid. A US slaughter industry with mandatory scanning would make microchipping worthwhile. The gov, media and citizen groups would at least have a chance to monitor the process and make it as humane as possible.

Hoofprints in the Sand 12-04-2011 08:49 AM

Didn't even think about the scanning joe, that's a great point! it would be wonderful if they could mandate something like that.
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wyominggrandma 12-04-2011 08:50 AM

Go down to "horse protection" you will find this discussion has been going on for days and days and pages and pages.

Hoofprints in the Sand 12-04-2011 08:54 AM

Yes but so far this one's actually being productive ;-)
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