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RebelsRose 06-24-2008 02:24 AM

Fence booboo
Okay so today I was over working with the 3 horses I exercise, and I was coming back from the back pasture to find the gelding, looking dead, his legs were through two rows of fence and I crept up there, he didint move a muscle, then I saw him breathing and thank God for that, He then struggled to get up breaking 3 boards one top and 2 bottom, He jumped up and started grazing well, I am asuming he was rolling by the fence and the rolled completly over, then getting hooked up in the boards....Well I got a halter and lead and walked him to the house, got his owner and we looked him over, He has a large knot on the side of his head but nothing more, a front cornet band was cut up and bleeding but not anything real bad, then we checked his underside and where he had been gelded there was a dime size of flesh hanging and dripping with blood, and the side of his hind leg on the inside was scarped but not bad, We hosed everything down to get a clean look and winds up he has a like 5 inch long cut from his sack thingy and down his sheath, the fence got him good it's deep but not anything that will need a vets attention as of now at least, so I went off and finished up work as his owner dressed the wound.....My question though, what would be the best and most long lasting ointment or spray to help keep the flys and bugs of of it, without ruining the purpose of the medicine?

barefoothooves 06-24-2008 01:37 PM

Most thick ointments would probably work as far as being a barrier against flies, even if it doesn't actually repel them. Corona, furacin, ichtamol are thick and greasy. Or you could try SWAT, a medicated fly repellent ointment.

Don't be alarmed if his "bits" are a little swollen in a few hours. Scrapes can swell a little, esp. on lower legs. It goes away in a couple of days, but looks bad in the mean time.

rockydq 06-24-2008 06:24 PM

I work at a pig farm with TONS of flies, and when we have an episode of shoulder sores we usually spray with bluekote...but the vet says to make sure the wound is clean before you spray it on. Have never had a problem with flies in the wound or maggots. I also use it on the horses too, along with polysporin and it works pretty good.

Angel_Leaguer 06-25-2008 08:40 AM

I have used Bluekote as well... clean the area before spraying. i did lt twice a day. I would wear a glove though on the hand that you are spraying with...otherwise you could dye you finger blue for a few days (I learned the hard way!!!) You could also but some spray on a towel and apply around the wound, but then you risk getting some in the cut and cause pain on the horse.

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