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Gingerrrrr 06-24-2008 03:05 PM

opinions on buying the saddle before the horse?
im western saddle shopping since im going to be getting a horse in the
near future so whats your opinion on getting a saddle before you buy the horse? should i do it?

Moxie 06-24-2008 03:11 PM

oye that eagerness to shop gets the better of me some times. Dont you have to buy a saddle that fits your horse? Im not really sure how that works, as I have never looked for saddles.

Gingerrrrr 06-24-2008 03:13 PM

yeah thats what i was wondering. cuz i know some saddles usually fit all horses like my old wintec fit every horse i used it on.

buckaroo2010 06-24-2008 03:20 PM

I wouldnt because you dont know if the saddle your going to buy is goin to fit your new horse right in the fututre then you will have to get a new one

mlkarel2010 06-24-2008 03:59 PM

I bought my saddle before my horse because I ride TONS of different horses right now and wanted my own saddle and if it doesn't fit my horse, well, i'll have to resort to my treeless, and that's fine with me

farmpony84 06-24-2008 04:04 PM

if you buy one with QH bars or semi-QH bars you will probably be ok unless you end up w/ a great big warmblood or draft... or a teeny little fine boned arab.... I think the semi-qh bars fit just about everything...... My western saddles fit almost everything i think... so does my english, it's an HDR, not the new QH HDR but just a semi-qh and it fits most everything... although I did try a stubben on my short fat qh one time and it didnt come anywhere NEAR fitting...

Gingerrrrr 06-24-2008 04:07 PM

well my next horse will be a QH so you think ill be okay getting QH bars? how do you know if its QH bars?

mlkarel2010 06-24-2008 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by Gingerrrrr
well my next horse will be a qh so you think ill be okay getting qh bars? how do you know if its qh bars?

saddles on the internet will always tell you what kind of bars they have, and most stores will have it on the information sheet about the saddle

edit: sorry i forgot this.... my saddle has full QH bars, but my 4-H horse is a QH and it fits horribly on him..... so it really comes down to the individual horse.... i can ride in my saddle on another qh and be fine

farmpony84 06-24-2008 04:11 PM

it should say somewhere full qh bars or fqhb, it's usually a 7" gullet...

Gingerrrrr 06-24-2008 04:15 PM

okay thanks.

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