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KaylaMarie96 12-07-2011 01:04 AM

Short Mane, Looong Tail
So my quarter horse, Koby, has a beautiful, long tail that I have to trim every so often because it drags on the ground! Everyone at my barn is in love with his beautiful tail....his mane however is a different story. It is short (pretty thick) and not soft at all. Before I bought him his owner had put MTG in his mane which he had an allergic reaction to and his mane burned off. His owner had just been feeding him grass hey which didn't give him the nutrients his body needed to grow a long healthy mane. So now I have him on grain and slooowly I am seeing some improvement but I was wondering if anyone had any tips to help get that long flowing mane that I want so badly!

gigem88 12-07-2011 07:31 AM

I'm in the same boat with my QH gelding! Long "" tail...... wimpy mane. I've tried everything, so I guess it's just not in his genes. I couldn't stand to look at it anymore and roached his mane! Hope you have better luck than me:)

dee 12-07-2011 08:48 AM

My Dancer had a really thick, beautiful multi-colored mane. I walked out one day and it was GONE! I think one of the other horses started chewing on it. There are a few chunks left, but mostly it's all new growth.

The grass hay is actually fine - your horse doesn't need any grain unless he's in fairly hard work. We feed plain old prairie hay usually - this year it's orchard grass and brome, with a bit of beet pulp, balanced feed and Omega HorseShine (flax, psyllium, yeasts and other goodies). It really does help the horse's coats look better, and Dancer's mane is growing in pretty quickly. If I can keep the other horses from chewing on it, she should be pretty much back to normal in a few months.

mvinotime 12-07-2011 08:48 AM

Same here with my paint boy....long to the ground gorgeous tail...icky mane :( I assumed genes however I feed him free choice orchard grass hay.......was not aware it did not have necessary nutrients???

myhorsehasmentalissues 12-07-2011 06:25 PM

try "hair mayonaise" you can get it a beuty suppply store. Its is a hair fertilizer

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