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fairyfeet 03-11-2007 06:06 PM

Wont stop
Maybe someone can help me. My pony is very strong and strongwilled to boot. Although now 10 (i've had him 2 years) he had been left to rot in a field for 2.5 years before, after getting everyone off before fully in the saddle.He was so bad that his owner had been told by many people he needed a bullet! I took him back to the beginning and he loves being ridden now but only by me. My problem is that he loves to go fast. He'll trot for England and has five gears in that gait alone. When cantering he just takes off and every stride gets faster and stronger. It takes all I have to stop him and then he plays up for the rest of the ride. He only pays attention for about 10 minutes when schooling and I always try to end on a good note. How to I teach him to listen when cantering?

Raini 03-12-2007 12:13 AM

keep him busy and focused on you. Circles, leg yields, transitions, serpentines, getting on the bit, lengthening and collecting. Keep things refreshing. Instead of pulling on him when he won't stop do the one reined stop. Pulling on them only makes it easier to brace against the bit. First gently pull and if he doesn't respond turn his head to your knee. Then when he stops release and pet him. I'd try doing a bit of groundwork since it sounds he doesn't respect you.

crackrider 03-12-2007 02:50 AM

Yes, keep him focused on you.
If you ahve a round yard you can use practice in there if not see if you can use someone elses. It's safer to practice when he cant get away!! :D
If you are out on a trail ride and you can't get him to stop try turning him in a sharp cricle until he realises it's pointless to go in circles!!!

Robyn-Niagara 03-12-2007 12:40 PM

i'm not sure on this one, as my horse likes to do exactly the same at a canter, but i don't have a riding arena so i cant school, and he just takes off, when asked to canter, and its VERY hard stopping him, i'm not sure really myself but if you find a solution, then i'd like to know how i can slove this too!!!

fairyfeet 03-12-2007 02:33 PM

Thanks for that but not sure it'll work. just gets faster and stronger with every stride. Behaves in the school but give him a space and he's ready to go. Will try this out tomorrow and thanks again

chicken 03-12-2007 02:33 PM

What bit are you using? You might want a stronger bit or a flash to give you more control. The solution is probably through schooling but meanwhile you need brakes!

fairyfeet 03-12-2007 03:32 PM

Have tried a dutch gag with one and two reins (this way top same action as a snaffle and bottom one brakes) and a pelham with double reins. If in enclosed area they work but out in the open its head down and off!! Desparately want and need brakes. All suggestions welcome as my hands ache. Normally have very soft hands by the way. Time comes when you need to pull hard tho.

Raini 03-14-2007 07:29 PM

I wouldn't result to a bigger bit. Horses can brace against the bit no matter what and the bigger the harder the mouth they will have when it comes time to pull. Just a snaffle would work just as good. Bigger bits are for refinement, not control. I don't think I've ever had to pull hard and I've ridden a lot of runaways. I just pull their head around. It's much more effective and they can't brace against the bit.

chicken 03-15-2007 04:44 AM

Raini -
I know what you are saying but fairyfeet needs to be able to stop to avoid an accident. You can put a stronger bit in but can still use it with a light hand! Once he is re-schooled and behaving you can go back to the good old snaffle.
A dutch gag is good in that it behaves like a snaffle unless you really need it, and with a flash. If you are using that already you maybe need to think about going back to basics with the schooling, don't canter at all until you have sorted his trot out.
Lots of lunging will help, make him work - get some help!
Don't struggle with this by yourself or you could get injured.
Take care.

fairyfeet 03-15-2007 06:45 AM

Thanks chicken, at last someone approves of the dutch gag used as a snaffle. Am schooling him every day but he's not a happy boy! Tends to object rather a lot but have spent the last two lessons entirely at walk. (Backwards at times!). Loves being lunged and have always done a lot of that. Know it'll take time and effort but he's worth it.

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