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Hunterjumper7654 12-07-2011 02:38 AM

Went to see the boy's tonight
I missed them terribly, I don't know if I could ever live without horse's in my life and I am true grateful to have them in my life. Okay now that i'm done with my sappy part. I just had surgery 4 days ago. Shoulder surgery sucks, let me tell you this is painful! Let's rewind to surgery day shall we? Okay so I get the the hospital at 5 a.m no food or water. My mom and dad decided to be civil and take me together, they're divorced but try and still give my sister and I a "two parent" family which is nice of them. So the nurse takes me back, I use the bathroom for them, change into cap, gown and hair net and climb into the bed. The nurse comes in and takes my vitals and everything is good. My mom comes back to hold my hand when they come to do my I.V. because lets face it no one LIKES I.Vs. I really am good with needles and being poked but my veins are horrible. So she sticks me once and can't get anything. So fast forward 6 pokes she calls the anesthesiologist in to do it, he had to poke me twice to get a vein. I wake up and the first words out of my mouth are "I feel great right now, take me to the barn before it wares off". Ha I know. So the first few days were horrible I am starting to feel better it all still hurts though. I can't drive because my car is a stick. So my mom took me down there tonight and my trainer is going to come pick me up on Thursday. So my mom gets me all bundled up and drives me too the barn and I flip the lights on and say "hi" and my boys start talking. So I go and say hi to Beau and then Mitch ( which he was not happy about) You could tell they knew there was something wrong. They were very gentle with my arm and Mitch licked my hand and siffed my shoulder and licked my face I love him, Beau was the same way. It was nice to just sit with them and give them some treats. We didn't stay long though my mom didn't want me to over do it. I will be sure to take pictures the next time i'm down there. :) Thank you for reading. :-)

Hunterjumper7654 12-07-2011 04:06 PM

Friendly bump!

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