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ThealovesLondon 12-07-2011 02:21 PM

Custom Boot Help!!
Hi everyone. I'm officially on the hunt for some custom field boots and I need some serious help!

I need customs because off the rack boots simply don't fit me. I have very long, thin legs and big feet! I recently ordered a pair of Ariat Monacos (tall, slim) but they were too large in the ankle and leg and I had to send them back.

A lady at my barn has some beautiful La Mundials and my trainer suggested that we each get a pair. The price is fantastic (around $650!). However, I've become a bit wary after reading some of their online reviews. It seems as though their customer service is very poor and there are a lot of mistakes with measurements. If I do go with La Mundials, I would be measuring myself, since I live in a rural area with hardly any tack stores (western BC). Is this a bad idea? Does anyone know of a rep./fitter in BC?

Another brand I've been looking at is Tucci. These are Italian, so the price is MUCH higher than the La Mundials. I visited equi-products (their western Canada rep.) booth at Thunderbird in the summer to see some samples but never got measured, as the lady who does the measurements wasn't there. A downside is that their store is in Calgary, AB so if I wanted to get a fitting I would have to go there.

Has anyone had any experience with either of these companies? Any suggestions for other brands? My biggest issue is location. I would really like to get measured by a professional fitter but have no idea where I can do that. Does anyone know of any tack shops in Western BC where I can get customs? What's your experience with custom field boots?

Thanks so much for any suggestions/reviews!!:D

ThealovesLondon 12-08-2011 12:15 AM


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