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goneriding 12-08-2011 10:06 AM

Pastern Popping Up
I have a nine year old QH that when walking, his right pastern doesn't always fully stay down. It will pop back up. This started happening over late summer/fall and it isn't all of the time and it isn't extreme. Obviously, it is definately more noticeable when I am on him. I have noticed it happening more frequently. He does an extended trot beautifully and his canter is beautiful on both leads. When he is walking in his pasture, if you don't know to look for it, you probably won't notice it. I know my horses so I know it is there and becoming more frequent. Weird, any ideas?

bubba13 12-08-2011 12:44 PM

Can you get a video? Because I can't picture what is happening.

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