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proequine 12-12-2011 02:13 AM

Mare owners- Where/how do you shop for a stallion?
With the horse market being what it is, IF you were to breed your mare, What media do you use? Breed journals such as AQHA, PHBA, APHA? or horse magazines? internet sites? Please give the exact sites/ printed media you use. What/where would be your first, second, third choice to look?
I'm just trying to get the most out of my advertising ... Thanks for your help..

BellaMFT 12-12-2011 08:10 AM

I would see if you have a local QH or APHA club. Sometime the local groups due a stallion preview. That's is how I found the stallion I bred to last year. The internet can be a good resource if you are going to do A.I.

NdAppy 12-12-2011 08:58 AM

A lot depends on what discipline you are looking to breed in.

Personally, I look where ever possible, print, word of mouth, etc, and then I research, research, research the studs in question. Same thing goes for some stallion owners looking up the MO/Mares that are looking to be bred to their stud. I know of a couple that research the heck out a person. Amazing the things that you can find out about a person online these days.

There are stud owners I will NEVER do business with due to how they have conducted themselves on web-forums such as this on. Be aware that if you are putting yourself and your horses out there, then your need to be aware of how things that you put for the world to see on forums can negatively impact your business. Just my opinion.

mls 12-12-2011 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by NdAppy (Post 1262995)
A lot depends on what discipline you are looking to breed in.


Our two primary places are word of mouth and Working Horse Magazine.

FGRanch 12-12-2011 11:40 AM

When I am looking for an outside stud I start literally years in advance. I watch the stud show, learn about his siblings, his sire and dam, talk to his trainers and owners. Just REALLY dig to know what the kind of horse he is to know if he suits the mare I have in question.

If it's a junior stallion with no foals on the ground researching them and talking to the trainers is soooo important because you don't know what kind of mares they cross well with or what kind of babies they throw. I also want to know if they have had kind of soundess issues or if there were needed to be drugged or injected to maintain them while showing. I want a horse with a long career.

If it's an older sire with offspring already in the show pen then I really watch what bloodlines they cross with, I ask around about how all of his foals disposition's are, crossed on lots of different kinds of mares. Again talk to the trainers of the foals, they don't mind talking.

I can't look at a magazine ad and say "OHHHHH I wanna baby by him!" Breeding is a crap shot anyways, why make it more of one? Research baby! You see a stud online or in a mag ad, do your homework!

Dreamcatcher Arabians 12-12-2011 11:58 AM

I'll approach this 2 fold, from mare owner and stallion owner's perspectives. I use Arabian Horse World & Arabian Horse Times magazines, to get an idea of what I like and what does my ideal Arab look like. I look at EVERY e-blast that comes in my inbox. Then I find out where they'll be showing and I go to the shows to see them, especially if they're standing somewhere that too far to visit a farm. Then I look at their foals, if they have any. Then I meet with the owner or manager that's standing the stallion and get all the facts on costs, charges and a copy of their contract. Do the ship semen? Cooled, frozen? Not at all?

WHO is their trainer? I always check that out because some guys are a little to handy with a needle and those steroids and Regumate can screw up a stallion's fertility. There are stallions I love that take 2 or 3 SEASONS to settle a mare because their sperm is junk. I won't get near those.

So, I start with e-news and magazines and what I see at a show, but that's only the beginning. If the owner isn't easy to deal with or professional, NEXT! There are too many nice studs out there to waste time and money on one who has issues because of customer service.

And, I certainly wouldn't own a horse who HAD to pay his own way as a stallion, IN THIS ECONOMY, because it really seems to be that unless you're in that top 2% OR unless you're giving away your breedings, you're not going to be selling many breedings.

Mare owners have cut waaaaaaaaay back on breeding right now. I have 3 stallions and have not sold a single breeding and one is a champ many times over. By now I usually sell a few breedings, maybe only 2 or 3 but people are making their decisions NOW and it's just not happening. I have mares who have been open for years because of how much I've cut back.

nrhareiner 12-12-2011 12:51 PM

There is so much that goes into picking a stallion that no one type of advertising would do it for most mare owners.

Most of the stallions I look at are advertised in several publications from the NRHA Reiner NRCHA publication QH News and so on. I want a stallion whos owner feels confident in their horse to spend the money to advertise him. This helps if I need or want to sell the foal. I rarely keep the foals. Never keep the colts and only a few of the fillies. So I want that advertising be hind the stallion.

I also like to look through the auctions too and see who is there and what they have done and so on. Also give you a good idea of what stallions are popular that given year.

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