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chasin the dream 06-25-2008 08:01 PM

ground driving time...
ok so its not ground driving time YET but i wanted some heads up...

should i start with a bit in his mouth?

my main reason for this post was because i wanted to know how exactly i was suppoesd to get him to GO... do i use a lunge whip, clucks..what?

please help me!! i need some serious heads up!!

*ArabianPrincess* 06-25-2008 08:05 PM

Personally i think around a 2 year old.


Well when watching the breaker drive a horse he had no lung whip and he'd Just use the lung ropes.. and use voice commands.

Because when you are on them you want them to respond to voice.

chasin the dream 06-25-2008 08:06 PM

yes true but what if he decides he doesn't want to move?

*ArabianPrincess* 06-25-2008 08:07 PM

well the breaker would just tap the side of the horse with the rope (the bum area).

*ArabianPrincess* 06-25-2008 08:08 PM

I have a video somewhere of my filly being driven to show you an example.

chasin the dream 06-25-2008 08:10 PM

ooh ok that works.the reason im saying *what if he doesn't move* is because i ground drove my mare and she just stood i can turn her BUT i can't get her to move.

JustDressageIt 06-25-2008 09:44 PM

Since I just heard that your horse is no more than 15 months old, I would strongly suggest against starting lunging or ground-driving right now, because of a few reasons:
1) The steps to start ground-driving are not good for a young horse's joints.
2) If you throw too much at a young horse, it will literally fry his brains. Let him be a horse and grow up.
3) If I remember correctly, you wanted to get him saddle-broke now, which ... well, it's not good for a young horse, period, much less a young draft-type.

Instead, do a few of the following:
- Make sure he respects you on the ground
- Do obstacle courses in hand, ie. walk over tarps, poles, make him stand quietly while you throw a tarp over him, etc
- Make sure you can touch him all over his body without flinching, and will pick all 4 feet up.
- Make him accept having fly spray applied, and having baths, loading on the trailer etc.

chasin the dream 06-25-2008 10:03 PM

once from the top JDI...he is not being started now..this is for FUTURE REFRENCE....and we aren't lunging. i never mentioned that.thats crazy too :)

thanks for the advice. i already knew all that tho...hes very clumsy also so thats something i wouldn't even consider yet. so that is what we are working on..basically just ground manners. picking up his hooves.we have a little course of cones out in the field.and also, im starting more GROUNDWORK..not like actually saddle breaking..thats gonna start like next spring. but his hooves are so big he has to be able to control them first.haha.and we do hae to start with the trailer.

CaEcho 06-25-2008 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by chasin the dream
yes true but what if he decides he doesn't want to move?

He should really know how to give to pressure, and to move forward before starting the ground driving. So, untill you start the ground driving, I would make sure that he knows how to move forward in either direction. To back, and to give to direction. Then start!

chasin the dream 06-26-2008 12:06 PM

ok but how do i get him to that point of moving. he will walk, stop, back, and good to either directions in hand with a halter and lead.

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