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SonnyWimps 06-25-2008 11:24 PM

Flies flies...GO AWAY!!!!!!! GRRRRRR
hehe....sorry couldn't help the subject lol

What are good ways that I can keep away the flies, and all the evil bugs that terrorize both ME and Sonny?

I'm sick and tired of investing in fly sprays that works the first time applied and then doesn't help at all.

Do spot-on treatments work? What fly stuff do you recommend?

Also what is stuff I can hang in Sonny's pasture to trap/kill the flies. What do you all use? Anything I can feed? No, I'm not doing garlic anymore after some of the stuff I've read about it

barefoothooves 06-26-2008 07:42 AM

The spot-ons are just concentrated versions of the sprays you use, and they work best for about a day. They do help a lot in heavy tick infested areas, for the alloted time, but flies are just persistent little buggers!

I think your best bet is to not only use your normal spray (apply when the flies are the worst, and then before you put the horses away, apply a non-toxic, repellant. It may not last long, but it's a short reprive and not overloading your horse with toxic chemicals (or yourself). Fly sheets and masks do help. As do box fans in the stall (flies don't navigate well in high winds-one of the few advantages to KS wind I"ve found. LOL)

You have read the thread on feeding ACV, I'm sure, but I have no idea if it would work for you, but worth a try. Making sure your facilities are immaculatly clean helps, so do fly predators, but using fly spray kills the predators! There's feed thru fly control (contains rabon) and it works, but can be expensive if you have several horses, or if you board, it's a waste as not everyone will use it, so their horse's poo still breeds flies. Spreading/gathering poo in the pasture helps (composting kills fly and worm larvae).

Fly strips and any bait trap does help. Every fly caught is one less able to reproduce, and it's morbidly satisfying to see the bodies build up! LOL I like the old fashioned jug traps that have water in the bottom and the flies just can't figure out how to come back out and drown. :twisted: You just have to empty once in a while. There are disposable versions, but I like to reuse/recycle things, so I dump the traps.

Other than that, I'd say flies are just a fact of life for horses, especially if you have a neighbor with a barn lot full of cows across the fence (*sigh*..that's MY problem-almost a feed lot with NO manure clean up and my boys get eaten alive, but we are fixing to move....)

SonnyWimps 06-26-2008 10:46 AM

Sonny is in a pastsure by himself, and he's not really really close to any of the other horses. There's a pasture on the other side of him, but the horses are rarely there.

The problem with the flies is, I think Sonny is allergic to them because occasionally his sheath section will swell up. I do put SWAT on it, and it does last a loong time but the flies are soo annoying that htey don't seem to mind the SWAT's like they have gained immunity on it.

What about those huge jugs that traps and kills flies? Are those worth investing into?

barefoothooves 06-26-2008 01:40 PM

I think they help, personally. (the big jugs). You'll want to place it where your fly population is bugging you the most. We used to keep one every other stall (horses always came in to eat, and were allowed to loaf in the stalls 24/7. And we kept fans going in the summer days, so they didn't get eaten up too bad. Where my boys are right now, the jugs aren't practical but (HOORAY!) we are moving in then next month and we will have the jugs in the barn again.

Poor boy with the puffy "area"! Too bad you can't hang a jug under his belly :roll: Some horses are just so sensitive to bugs. Rocky gets welts from horse flies, and he can't sit still the whole bug season. But Toby just stands there placidly while flies crawl all over... :?

Brandi5411 06-27-2008 03:43 PM

Hi, Im new :)

Ugh I just went threw this earlier with my TB rescue (Tuffy) He gets tons of flies on him, and we really dont know why. Hes clean, not around alot of horses, and definatly not in a dirty area. Guess its just a horse thing. But his eyes get all gunky and gross so I bought him a fly mask.

I do know that they have blankets, where I live. That go all the way around the stomach area and cover alot of area that are 'fly proof' its like a meshy stuff. So they can still breath. But it helps protect him.

I put bug spray that say we would use on a little kid, on his neck and stuff. And that seems to work.

Hope I helped :shock:

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