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MikedUpIN 12-14-2011 09:37 AM

Behavior\Health Question
Pretty new to horses, so everything seems weird. Just wanted to see if this is normal or something I should worry about.

We have a two year old philly who acts more like a puppy than a horse. This morning when I went out to the shed, she was lying down in her stall. Not spread out or anything, just kneeling.

She got up and ate and then followed me around while I did chores. We just recently put these stalls in and it was raining a little today so they were all up in the barn early.

Is this normal or something that I should watch? I have only seen her lay down a few other times during the summer.

No coughing, discharge, or any other sign of distress. Good appetite. Only recent diet change is that I started adding a quarter coffee cup of beet pulp to her feed last week.


DuffyDuck 12-14-2011 09:41 AM

I have no idea about feed, but resting on their knees is fine so no need to worry :)

Sounds like she's lucky to have such a caring owner to spot something like that though :)

Also, lying on their sides for long periods of times isn't good for horses, if I'm not mistaken. Its not a bad thing if you see it, so don't worry, but lying with their legs tucked under them is fine :)

If she rolls, tries to bite her stomach, kick her stomach, is sweaty amongst other things, these are signs of colic and a vet should be called and you should get her up and walk her, not allowing her to lie down until the vet has seen her.

verona1016 12-14-2011 06:35 PM

Horses will lie down to sleep at night as long as they feel secure, so it's not unusual to find them still down if you come out to see them early enough in the morning.

If you see her lying down at unusual times or with increasing frequency then you should look more closely to see if she's showing signs of colic or other illness. And, as a new horse owner it's always good to have a friendly vet who doesn't mind being called with what may or may not be a silly question :-)

Beauseant 12-14-2011 11:10 PM

Both of our horses regularly lie down for naps in their stalls. We haven't actually caught them doing it in their stalls, but the telltale bedding stuck to the sides of their heads is a clue...:D

They also frequently lie down in the dry lot paddock, which is their favorite sleeping spot....since it is covered in hay and as soft as a cloud!

Is that a cute little girl or what??!!

tinyliny 12-14-2011 11:49 PM

There's few things more endearing than coming upon your horse, full asleep on the ground and watching him sleep. They look so precious. When they'll let you walk up and stroke them, still lying there, that is cool. I always make a little noise, some distance away, first, so as not to startle them.

loosie 12-15-2011 12:44 AM

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Yes, horses lie down when they're feeling secure enough in their surrounds. They do also lie flat out to sleep sometimes. So no, I wouldn't worry about that in the least. If she is lying down a lot though, this can indicate that she's sore on her feet, her stay aperatus is not functioning properly or some such.

As for feed, if you would like opinions on that, you need to tell us what she's getting along with the beet pulp, and weighing feed is a good idea to work out how much, because coffee cans come in different sizes & different ingredients are different weight for the same volume.

mammer46 12-15-2011 10:32 AM

we have had alot of rain and the pasture is quite wet and muddy. saturday my horse was fine,, on sunday she was limping bad on left front leg. checked hoofs are in great shape. have been putting liniment on and wrapping for 2 days. she is still limping . there could be some very minor swelling around fretlock area. but dont feel Anyone have any suggestions ? would really appreciate it. Her name is "Skipper" 14 yr. old registered quarter horse. She hasn't been rode in about 2 months, but gets plenty exercise.

kait18 12-15-2011 10:42 AM

i wouldn't worry... like others said horses lay down, some more than others. only thing to remember is don't sneak up on them... make noise so they know your coming. :)

loosie 12-15-2011 05:29 PM

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Originally Posted by mammer46 (Post 1267203)
Anyone have any suggestions ? would really appreciate it. Her name is "Skipper" 14 yr. old registered quarter horse. She hasn't been rode in about 2 months, but gets plenty exercise.

If it's still going on after a couple more days, I'd get a vet.
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