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southafrica1001 06-27-2008 12:57 AM

Jumping ?
hey everyone, ive recently been watching a few fei jumping competitions on tv, and reading alot of the jumping topics. i have one wuestion though, ive been jumping for a while but never learnt two point ever, is this an american thing though? because i thought i saw only the americans in the fei competitions using two point, and no one that i ride with knows what two point is? sorry for the long post :oops: :)

PoptartShop 06-27-2008 02:22 AM

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Hmm...good question. I'm American...yet I've seen people from other countries jumping- & they use 2-point.
How high are you jumping? In certain heights (like a foot or lower), you don't need to really be in a two-point. You can poke your butt out, lol.

southafrica1001 06-30-2008 11:18 PM

lol sorry for taking long to reply. right now we are jumping 90cm and some 1m, but ive read on some boards that you learn two point before you learn to jump? yea i saw on the fei that some people didnt look like they were out of their saddle, but in the american team it was easily seen? sorry for all the questions :oops: :D

my2geldings 07-01-2008 01:46 PM

The term itself might be american but if you are jumping, regardless of the height, YOU HAVE to go in 2 point, you just do.

The second you close you hip angle and move forward to follow your horse's movement over the fence-you are in 2 point :D

southafrica1001 07-02-2008 06:48 AM

ok thanks, so are you in two point just before the jump or quite a while before? thanks :D
edit: just read another board, and im now thinking its the position over a jump? if it is so we call it jumping position over here lol that could be why i was confused?

my2geldings 07-02-2008 10:12 AM

The jumping position is pretty much "2 point". All it is, is different terms being used for it. Didn't realise it varied so much from continent to continent :lol:

southafrica1001 07-02-2008 01:50 PM

ok thanks :D some how i got the idea that two point is the position in which you ride around the whole jumping course, not your position over the jump, thanks so much for clearing that up for me :D

Deussa 07-11-2008 12:55 AM

I'm American and i never jump with out using two point.

claireauriga 07-12-2008 07:35 AM

I'm British, and that position with your bum just out of the saddle and whatnot is known as 'jumping position' here, too :) Just different names for the same thing.

southafrica1001 08-18-2008 11:02 AM

yea all my teachers have been irish or english and they've always called it jumping position so it gets confusing when you hear the different terms :D

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