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kywalkers2012 12-20-2011 04:38 PM

Are There Any TWH Trainers Here?
So, I'm acquiring this really nice solid black TWH filly that has Bold Design and Coin's Hard Cash bloodlines. I was wondering what I should generally expect to see coming from this cross? Also, I'm going to be getting her ready to be started under saddle and possibly work on getting her ready to hit the show ring her three year old year. What kind of tips would you give to someone that's going to be starting their first actual registered TWH that they are going to show? I have started a couple of youngsters before, so I know the basics, but what kind of training does a young TWH go through to be ready to show?

bellagris 12-20-2011 05:24 PM

I am notsure how they are started in USa as I am in Canada but I trained my 3 yr old TWH mare start to finish thus far, however I have had a 30+ year experienced trainer and shower on the ground with me to guide me (which gave me a lot of solid knowledge, but still i'm not years and years of experience). I can tell you if you have a typical minded TWH you'll find your horse very willing to learn and intelligent.

I think the starting portion of a TWH is fairly similar to any horse, leg aides, turns, bends, giving to the rein, whoa (haha) desensitizing, etc...once they are able to walk around an arena under saddle is when you can start with the finishing and gait training, collection, etc... to start with, at least for us, we just focus on getting them ussed to a saddle, a bit, legs on them and all the basic things any broke horse should know how to do.

Here is my 3 yr old mare Sable (the pally), she is 3 and barefoot...the black mare is Bloom another horse I show with. Both aer very competitive show horses and have strong american bloodlines. So this is essentially the look you aim towards. Hope you post more info as you go along!!

kywalkers2012 12-20-2011 05:30 PM

Thanks for the advice and I know that you have to start with the basics first, but I was wondering if there were any other tips that anyone would recommend such as how long to train a youngster at a time and how often, what to work on etc.

bellagris 12-20-2011 05:48 PM

Sorry, I wasn't sure exactly, the same things apply to TWH as they do to other horses until you get to finishing and gait training. But here are some of the things we did with my mare and other colts at the barn.

Youngsters typically we did sessions 3 times a week for approx 15 minutes at a time, you'll see mentally when the switch turns off after a certain period of time where they just stop paying attention to you, like you're not there anymore. Mentally they just get exhausted learning and once they hit that point it is just an uphill battle. You don't want to exceed that if you can help it and as you get to know your horse you'll see the signs of that coming and know to end the session by going to something they know and turning them out.

At 2, starting with 15 min sessions, gradually going to more and more time as we got going and she knew more. If you are starting sooner i think the same would apply. I first taught sable to stand still in cross ties (she was good about it, but not all are) once that was done I taught her to work on a lunge (she was halter broke so that step was not needed), taught her whoa, turn on cue and change directions, kissed to teach her to come to me, jiggled the line to get her to back up etc.

Once she had a pretty good grasp on that, I sacked her out, rubbed her with a saddle blanket, made sure I was able to put it all over her with her remaining calm and then brought in a oats sack and crinkled it around her, rubbed it on her etc. Once she was sacked out well I bought in a light english saddle and taught her to have a saddle put on her, put it on took it off until she stopped flinching and then i tightened the cinch, not very tight to start as they can be very nervous about that. once that was on I pulled the stirrups back and forth, rocked the saddle and forth, and finally mounted her (from both sides)

I did all of this within a week, she is a solid minded mare and we were able to do this very easily with her, I have seen other mares that needed more time to grasp and learn.

Always start on something they know and end on something they know, or on a good note of them learning

With a weanling this summer, we showed him in the futurity and we worked on teaching him to lead, walk him walk him walk him, he gets ahead, stop back him up a bit etc. I dont have much experience in weanlings, but i imagine some of the ground work like desensitizing can be done at a young age as well.

Goodluck and hope that helps some

kywalkers2012 12-20-2011 05:53 PM

It does help. I appreciate the help and the info. I guess once I get her going and if I have any issues specifically I can/will ask here.

bellagris 12-20-2011 05:55 PM

for sure!

Every horse is different, but it sure helps when people have similar experiences, be sure to post some photos, she looks like she'll be a beauty!

kywalkers2012 12-23-2011 04:38 PM

Thanks! I'm hopefully going to be getting her either this coming week or the next, so when I do get her I'll make sure to post pictures.

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