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nyg052003 12-22-2011 03:21 PM

24 X 41 Garage........Few questions
I will have 2- 9 ft doors on front and I wanted to do one 10 ft door on the back. It will be a four car garage and I wanted to put a door on the back so that I will be able to get the cars in the back side of the garage out without moving the front cars. I do not want to put 2 doors on the back as well so I was hoping one 10 ft door might work. Looking at the framework now, it looks like i would have to park both rear cars closer to the sidewall of their respective sides of the garage so that when I go to drive in from the rear that vehicle won't be in the way.
Just wondering what you guys think and if possibly anyone has a setup sort of like this or was thinking the same things I am before doing theirs.

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