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Arizahn 12-23-2011 08:54 PM

Passing on the riding bug to a new generation!
My three nieces are getting a horse related surprise for their present this year. Their parents and me and my OH have talked it over, along with my YO...nieces are each getting cards with the message: "Good for one hard hat and a year of pony rides!" Taking them shopping in January for their hats.

Hoping Ali won't mind being dubbed a pony, lol! They will be only be walking around on the lead rein, but if they are very keen then we will see about proper lessons as opposed to one ride each per month. It would be nice to encourage them into the hobby...we shall see how keen they are first though. They may lose interest, although they are very sporty and already really love horses.

Just remembered I will also need to buy a child's sized saddle for them to ride in, as well as my new dressage saddle.

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