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Brandi5411 06-27-2008 04:56 PM

Should I step in?
Alright, so theres this one horse at my barn. Hes young (only 3) and a perchon(spelling) I do believe. Either way, hes bloody well huge.

I dont know if his owners plan on riding him or not, but anyway hes there. I dont think they know what they are doing. Because this horse is soooo sweet.

He took him out the other day, and put him in the round pen. And started going insane (the man not the horse) He kept shouting at the horse. And whipping him. [I know its the persons choice on how they wish to train their horse. But I feel that whipping him is just wrong] Anyway, He kept getting the horse to run, then would jump in front of him (after only a few steps) and kept screaming reverse. But he wouldnt stop.

It was kind of clear that this horse was confused... I mean I dont know to many horses that respond to reverse. Anyway, hed hit the horse, yell reverse, hit the horse again cause he didnt. then do it all over again. I got so ... mad yet upset for this poor horse.

I know that because hes so big he probably didnt feel it... but its still wrong. Because this horse was doing everything (except reverse) that the guy asked of him...

Another issue is with their other horse, hes a fair size too. Not to sure on height though. But anyway, when she gets up onto him. youd never know that this horse is really well mannered. She CONSTINTLY whips him (she rides western) and the horse freaks out. Because its not a light tap tap. Its a full on, whip. Meant to hurt. I mean she was asking him to canter, and he wouldnt.
Ok I understand a whip in this manner.

But what I found out later on, is that that was the first time that the horse had been 2 years...

So my question is, should I step in and offer assistance in the round pen. Or just butt out because its their horses not mine...

Is there ANYTHING I can do without seeming snobby and look like a know it all??

iridehorses 06-27-2008 05:44 PM

Get the barn manager involved. Unfortunately chances are they wouldn't listen to you. I've run into those types before.

(I, on the other hand, would step in and offer assistance then if I was ignored I'd probably use the whip on them. You know ... just to get their attention - but that's just me and as a man I can get away with it.)

Brandon 06-27-2008 06:08 PM

I think you have an obligation to somehow step in. This is not right, these people should not be excessively whippin these horses for no good reason or for that matter any reason. I would either get the barn manager involved and if he doesn't do anythin maybe you can record them doin this and maybe report them to the abuse place.

I don't like people that use force instead of stradegy, understandin, and patience.

Please try to do somethin about this, it should not continue. No progress will be made with their method other than makin the horse very scared, confused, and may grow to hate people.

If i was there, i would of probly grabbed a lunge whip and ran after that guy, and whipped him in the head acouple times!!! :evil:

appylover31803 06-27-2008 08:05 PM

In a perfect world, I would step in, or atleast say something to them...well, in a perfect world everyone would have a horse, they'd all be treated extremely well, and none of this would go on... but back to reality...

Everyone is entitled to their own from of training and "training" Not everyone will agree to any and all training methods. Some people think the only way to train a horse is to whip them constantly and use brute force until the horse does whatever is asked because the horse is scared to death.

I would talk to the barn owner/manager and express your concern to him/her and i would let him/her deal with it. If it's their place and they don't like that, the people would listen better to them IMO. If the barn owner/manager doesn't seem to care, i would find a different place to board at where the people there have a similar train of thought as you do.

Some people in this world don't care what they have to do to an animal to make it perform...and that's my 2 cents...

Abby 06-28-2008 07:20 PM

I disagree that the size of a horse is a factor by how "tough" the horse is. A whip hurts, no matter how big you are.

I would say something to him, in a polite constructive way, like "What if you tried turning the horse in the opposite direction while saying reverse to give him a better idea?"

loosie 06-29-2008 05:53 PM

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Yes! Do something. This is abuse!

I agree that people have a right to *train* their horses as they see fit as a rule, but this is just abuse and really should not be tolerated. I'd also go to the barn owner and to the RSPCA or whatever your animal protection organisation is.

You want to be careful how you approach them, because you don't want them to just go away & continue doing this elsewhere, you want to find a way to get thru to them that their treatment is cruel & teach them better.

I don't know why you have the idea that a big horse feels less pain. That is definitely not correct. They feel it as much as a mini would... not to mention the psychological abuse that's happening as well.

hotreddun 06-30-2008 11:19 AM

IMO....if you step in they will not listen to you. This situation has happened to me more than once...and unless someone asks for help...they usually aren't willing to listen. I don't know your age...but if you are young (and especially if you are female sadly) the person will probably blow you off without a second thought...and perhaps make the abuse worse just to show "that young nosy girl" how to "really train a horse." Trust me this has happened to me before.

Personally I would report the incident to the barn owner or manager...let them handle it.

Kirsti Arndt 06-30-2008 02:09 PM

no animal should be hit or screamed at
confusing him and frighening him are barbaric training tactics
if the barn manager seems disinterested maybe look into reporting him to your local ASPCA. If he is mean to a horse he isnt gonna be nice to you i expect. Get involved from a distance to protect your self and your horse.

Brandi5411 06-30-2008 03:43 PM

Yes I am female, and Im 17.

I told my mom what you guys had said to do, talk to the guy, or the owners. And she actually yelled at me, that it was their buisness. Not ours, and how I shouldnt be going behind peoples backs...

I dont believe that just because a horse is bigger they dont feel less pain. Ive just heard a few people say that, and I wasnt sure if I would get the same response from some of you.

My mom and her boyfriend, Are new to the horse world. But they dont know everything and it bugs me when they say that basically what he was doing, is fine. Because its his way of training that horse.

In my honest opinion, Im not an expert. But I have studdied with some top class horse trainers. So I know what im doing... Ive been training my 3 yo paint/appy X and my 4 yo QH x. So I know how to properly approach the whole round pen subject.

Another thing ive been watching when I go to the barn is that, they are never there!

Theyve only had this horse in the round pen once when I first posted this, and havnt done it again. Yes, this is good for the horse because he wont be hurt. But stupid because hes gunna (possibly) act up once they try to do it again.

Arg! I cant stand people that abuse their horses.

I mean yes, sometimes an occasional whip is necessary. But not really hard, and not every few seconds...

Thanks for all of your help guys. I am gunna pull the barn owner aside and just ask her opinion.

Gingerrrrr 06-30-2008 03:52 PM

sorry i just skimmed the posts so sorry if you had already mentioned it but did you tell the barn manager/owner?

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