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randomrider92 12-27-2011 12:01 AM

Conformation? Where to take her?
I know I've asked for conformation on this horse before, but I really didn't any input that I didn't already know about her. What do you think about her conformation? What is good? What is bad? How is her pastern length and angle? What sort of discipline would she be good at? Tansy is a very level headed filly that is always willing to please and learn something new. She gets things fast and is quite the confidence booster when it comes to working with horses. She's got a short and quick little yet suspending. Good movement in the shoulder. Her canter is slow and comfortable but doesn't have a large reach. She's learning how to lower her head and give into the bit at the walk and will do it for only a few moments at the trot before popping it back up again. It is difficult with her conformation and her not having the best of a top line but with hill work, we're just going at her speed. She's got great transitions, she's bomb proof, goes off leg, can pivot off fore and hind, back up, roll back, and she can side pass along a fence. She's become a great trail horse. Now she's gained more weight and she's changed a bit since these last shots were taken. She doesn't have that massive muscle under her neck either but her top line isn't where I want it to be.

Like I said, these photos are old and she's filled out in weight, that massive muscle under her neck is gone but she doesn't have a great topline yet.

This is kinda what Tansy's neck looks like now but this is a bleh shot of it:

Now, Tansy is a spawn of back yard breeding. She came from a yard this spring that had tons of horses running around on a 600 acre property. All except for the older broods had never been handled by humans and most were related to each and this guy just bred and bred and sent his horses to the auction or sold them to whoever. Mostly they were just meat. All were skinny and in poor condition and I took the one that no one wanted. Instead of paying tons on a new show horse that I had planned on purchasing at the horse fair, I got some poorly bred, feral, fugly pony on a whim. But I always go with a gut feeling and I've never regretted it. Tansy has since them become such a wonderful horse and a joy in my life.

So what I know about her:
What I know:
Tied knees
Base narrow
Toed out
Knock kneed
Sickle hocked
Ewe neck
Down hill (She's catching up with her butt, it used to be worst but she's still growing, and fast. She grew 2 inches in 5 months)
Camped in
Decent shoulder angle

So... what else?

BTW, I wouldn't plan on showing her in any conformation classes or anything of that sort. I just do things for fun. In the spring I'm going to send her to a reining trainer to finish her up and help smooth out her edges for a month or 2. She's cowy and we're working on just following cows right now in the arena and getting used to them. but what do you think. What sort of direction should I take her?

BTW, this is her stud:

There are his bloodline. He's a Quarter Horse. What sort of disciplines do you see in his lines?
Convoys Silky Quarter Horse

BTW, he made it too the fugly blog. I found this extremely amusing. How to get on the Fugly blog! | Fugly Horse of the Day

tinyliny 12-27-2011 12:22 AM

I think Tansy is really cute and by all the good things you have written about her, why do you care if you get more detailed conformation critiques.? I mean, will it change anything? She isn't a perfect horse to look at, but she sounds like a really nice horse to ride. And, all in all, I think your written asessment of her was kind of harsh. Yeah, she's sickle hocked and a bit downhill, narrow and had kind of small feet and bone. but it's not terribly out of balance when you look at the whole animal. She is really quite pretty and I bet she looks gorgeious in motion, too.

waresbear 12-27-2011 12:27 AM

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She is a sweety. I don't see a ewe neck, I see a nice neck that has a twice as long topside as underside, extremely desireable in a pleasure horse. She is lacking natural muscle, so she has to be ridden carefully, correctly and regularly to make her neck fill out. She has weak points, but nothing glaring to make her look bad. She looks like a sensitive little girl that would make a very good open pleasure horse and english hat class competitor. I like her.

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